3irobotix's 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station's Revolutionary Tech Impresses At CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) stands as the ultimate showcase where technological innovation takes center stage. Held annually in Las Vegas since 1967, this renowned trade show is organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and brings together the brightest minds, leading brands, and cutting-edge products in the world of consumer electronics. Amidst the bustling showcase at CES 2024, our quest for the latest and most transformative home cleaning solutions has led us to the remarkable 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station.

House Digest places focus on products with not just utility but groundbreaking features designed to make maintaining our living and garden spaces easier. The result of this year's search has propelled the 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station to the forefront. Surpassing competitors, this revolutionary cleaning station has now etched its place as a game-changer, setting unprecedented standards in the realm of modern home cleaning. 

The 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station is a testament to the marvels of engineering innovation focused on solving practical everyday problems, and is a deserving recipient of the House Digest 2024 CES Innovation Award.

Revolutionary home cleaning technology

The innovative 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station system, developed by 3i, introduces the world's first water-free intelligent cleaning solution. It's remarkable not only for its water-saving capabilities, but also for its six coordinated cleaning steps (collecting, sweeping, vacuuming, water spraying, mopping, and dirt scraping), high-performance brushless fan, and advanced AI features. Frost & Sullivan-certified, the 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station — specifically the H1 Pro — features 3i's proprietary water recycling system, transforming wastewater into distilled water and extracting moisture from the air. This unique system ensures uninterrupted cleaning without the need for water refills or waste disposal. With an 8000Pa high-performance brushless fan, it effectively handles everyday dirt and debris, ensuring a spotless home.

Its other noteworthy features include the self-cleaning roller mop that prevents dampness, odor, and bacterial growth. It utilizes micro-boiling water, a silver ion module, and Unilever's herbal cleaning liquid, resulting in 99.9% sterilization. Its impressive 5L dust bag makes garbage disposal less of a pain, reducing the need to do the task to about once every two months. The 3i system's green-eye laser dirt detection feature allows for the quick and precise identification of 52 types of dirt and objects, enabling it to steer clear of blockages or obstacles and ensuring optimized cleaning. It comes with an app enabling remote monitoring and management and provides real-time updates. It can also monitor humidity in your home and generate floor cleanliness reports based on post-cleaning data.