TikTok's Easy Test Will Determine If It's Time To Replace Your Pillow

A comfy, reliable pillow is crucial for a good night's sleep, so you shouldn't keep your old one for too long. If you have trouble determining when you must replace it, TikToker @lynsey_queenofclean has two convenient tricks to help you know. Her first suggestion is to fold your pillow in half and hold it down for half a minute. If the item springs back into shape, you shouldn't need to replace it.

The TikToker's second test idea is called the "saddle test." To try this method, hold out your arm and put the pillow on top of it. If the item stays, that means it should be fine, but if it flops in that position, you should replace it with a new pillow. If you want to be 100% sure whether your pillow is good, consider trying both helpful tests.

But why do pillows have such a limited lifespan in the first place?

Why pillows need to be periodically replaced

Even if you consistently give your pillows a deep clean, they can't last forever, as time will take away their reliability and quality. "The reasons pillows expire is simple, and actually, kind of gross — over the years, your pillows will harbor a build-up of dead skin cells, dust, and oils from our hair and skin, as well as any liquids, spills, and stains," Carl Walsh, the sleep specialist who owns Bed Guru, told The Spruce.

Thus, no one should ignore the signs of an expired pillow, as there's nothing relaxing about a build-up of gross remains. Even if you've had your pillow for a long time and it still seems comfortable enough, you should perform the TikTok tests to ensure your item is trustworthy enough for continued nightly use. The quick tests could be all you need to know that there's some build-up happening that you don't see, and it's time for a fresh replacement.

Be picky when replacing your pillow

A pillow is one of the few objects people typically use every night, so you should take your shopping seriously when it's time for a replacement. Before you buy a new pillow, consider whether the item is stuffed to your liking. "The fullness or firmness of a pillow really matters... A pillow that's too firm or full puts your head at an awkward angle and can cause restlessness or strain," Chris Regan, the test engineer responsible for overseeing Consumer Reports' pillow tests, told Consumer Reports.

You should also consider splurging on a high-quality pillow, as something that can help you sleep better every night is one of the best investments you can make, leading to better health and mood. But remember, no matter how high-quality or expensive your new pillow is, it still won't stay in its current fresh state forever, so after you've been sleeping on it for some time, don't forget to conduct the folding-in-half test or "the saddle" test — or even both.