If You're Expecting Guests, Be Sure To Tuck These Things Away Before They Arrive

Cleaning your home before having guests over is always a good idea. It'll allow you to curate a hygienic environment for the visitors and put them at ease instantly. But what do you do when your guests are due any minute, and you don't have the time to give your abode a deep clean? You tuck away a few questionable (and some non-questionable) items before they arrive to give them the impression of a clean home. Start by running a critical eye over the guest hotspots, like the entryway, dining room, kitchen, living room, and bathroom, and clearing out the clutter.

For instance, if you've got a hamper full of dirty laundry in your bathroom, dump them inside your closet (if you have the space) or hide them inside the washing machine. Similarly, load the filthy dishes in the dishwasher and stash bills and other junk mail littered across your coffee table inside drawers and cabinets. The trick to quickly declutter your home is to remove things that don't belong in the room and would make it look cluttered. Another rule of thumb is to hide items that would lead to uncomfortable conversations with your guests.

Hide all your clutter

Nothing screams dirty home like unwanted clutter. Sure, you love to snuggle inside the cozy warmth of your blankets surrounded by a dozen throw pillows, but all of those blankets and pillows will crowd the sofa and make it difficult for visitors to sit comfortably. Hide this clutter inside your bedroom or put it inside furniture with storage space. Clear out surfaces in the kitchen and remove appliances, ingredients, and cookware you won't be using that evening. Don't forget to tuck away your pet's chew toys and kid's toys, especially their spiky Lego creations, to eliminate floor clutter.

After you're done, go to the bathroom and remove personal hygiene and skincare products, makeup, and accessories from the countertops to make it look clean. While you can dump them in the drawer beneath the sink, it won't be a great idea if you'll be hosting curious (read: nosy) guests. It'd be better to put them in a basket and hide them under your bed or another place where the guests are less likely to snoop. Finally, tackle your entryway for a good first impression. Clear out your shoe and coat racks to remove excess clutter and make room for your guests to place their footwear and easily hang their bulky winter wear. Grab two big boxes (or containers) for your shoes and coats and stash them away in a spare or store room. 

Hide things you don't want to talk about

Besides getting rid of all clutter and employing the 15-minute lazy cleaning hack to prep your home before guests arrive, it's best to hide things you'd rather not have awkward conversations about. The most obvious choices would be to get rid of overdue bills (nobody needs to know you're in a tight spot at the moment), personal toys, medicines, and recreational drugs. If your guest list includes kids, you should also tuck away cigarettes, bongs, and pipes. Basically, anything you don't want a curious kid to get their hands on.

Additionally, get rid of controversial books from your coffee table if you don't want to debate the merits of fiction. The same goes for your movie collection. So, hide them while you have the chance. Further, take down indecent or strange art and posters lining your walls if you don't feel like getting into art theory while having dinner. In case you'll serve alcoholic beverages to the visitors, hide priceless sculptures and antique weapons to discourage drunken mistakes. Also, don't leave your laptop open to avoid invasion of privacy.