Our Architecture Expert Warns To Think Twice Before Installing Your Kitchen Sink In This Spot

You've heard the term "everything but the kitchen sink," but luckily this article is about nothing but kitchen sinks. To be more specific, what areas in your cooking space you should avoid installing your sink. During a recent interview with Cliff Tan, architect and owner of Dear Modern, Architecture and Feng Shui, he exclusively shared with House Digest that the least ideal spot to insert this important appliance is by the stove. Tan explains, "In feng shui, the stove corresponds to the fire element while the sink represents the water element. It is best to avoid them being too close to each other as that represents a clash in elements."

If you are looking to follow the practice of feng shui within your home, this is a very useful tip and will help you balance your cooking space. Tan also noted, "Practically speaking, these two represent very different activities, the sink is for washing and cleaning, while the stove is for heat and cooking, which are hardly complementing actions." Rather than sticking them too close together, consider placing them at opposite or juxtaposing ends of the kitchen.

Create balance by separating the sink and stove

Not only will keeping these two elements separate help your kitchen's feng shui, but it is also more hygienic since both areas serve different purposes. Tan exclusively told House Digest that giving these appliances space from one another will "avoid accidents, cross contamination and ... keep messes and clutter easier to manage." Both your sink and stove are necessary, but they should create a Yin and Yang vibration within your kitchen.

When it comes to deciding where to place your sink, there are several factors to keep in mind. Tan recommends using the stove as the "main focus" since the kitchen is where you go to cook predominately. Tan suggested trying "to place sinks in less commanding positions of the kitchen where possible, and reserve the prominent spot for the stove instead." In addition to the stove being one of the most used appliances, a sink collects dirty dishes, which can be unsightly, especially if it draws the eye immediately when entering the kitchen.

How to keep your kitchen feng shui

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, try to install your sink in an area that offers an enjoyable view since it is somewhere you might find yourself for prolonged periods of time when washing up. During an exclusive interview with House Digest, Tan suggested putting your sink "near a window or with a good view to keep yourself entertained." You can center the kitchen sink under a window, or even off to the side where the scenery is still visible. He went on to explain that it's useful to put your washing up area near a dishwasher, as well as "other water elements, and ideally with the trash within reach, sometimes you may place the waste container under the sinks to keep them out of sight." 

To keep the balance, place the stove in an area that is visible when entering the room, or against a large stretch of wall that will allow you counter space for cooking, prepping, and serving. The sink and stove should be anywhere between 4 and 9 feet apart, and you can keep a triangle in mind that includes the refrigerator to help perfectly place these three important kitchen elements. You can use the aforementioned measurements between any two points in the triangle.