Never Lose A Sock Again With TikTok's Latest Must-Have Laundry Gadget

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If you're constantly losing socks, children's clothes, or other small items when doing laundry, you're probably looking for a solution that doesn't involve moving your machine every few weeks to find what's fallen behind it. You can try this laundry hack for missing pairs, this pool noodle hack, or take the advice of TikTok user @ccpenguin23, who shared an easy, yet genius, solution for avoiding the constant lost sock saga. 

Simply by using this guard bought on Amazon for about $32, the video shows just how easy it is to say goodbye to this annoyingly common issue forever. With a simple design, the laundry guard is assembled by simply snapping each of its pieces together and placing it on top of your machine. At the bottom of the guard are mini magnets, which prevent the laundry guard from sliding or moving around when the washer or dryer is in motion. 

It's as easy as that, and users agree. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "Laundry guard! Where have you been all my life?!" Another mirrored that statement by enthusing, "Wish I'd found it sooner!"

Other laundry guard options

The majority of laundry guard users had nothing but praise for the simple, yet effective, contraption. But there were a few outliers who remarked on its less-than-stellar quality, including the strength of the magnets and the cheaper material used for the guard itself. Others who had certain washer and dryer models, particularly ones that did not have a fully flat surface, claimed that the laundry guard did not work at all. And some, even those who enjoyed the product, argued that it is just too expensive for what it is. 

If spending more than $30 is also out of your budget for a sock-saving contraption, there are plenty of other options to consider. This laundry guard from QVC is only $13 and is the same height and width as the pricier Amazon version. Plus, it's available in black for those looking for more color options (the Amazon product only comes in white and grey). We also found this Amazon option, which is almost identical to the viral TikTok version, for just $25, and comes with sticker magnets for those with a curved washer/dryer surface.