DIY A Showstopping, Affordable Vanity Mirror With TikTok's Easy IKEA Hack

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Nothing brings a touch of elegance to a bedroom, bathroom, or large walk-in closet like a vanity. Unfortunately, purchasing or even DIYing one can be on the rather expensive side. From a desk or table to an appropriately sized chair, storage, and a funky statement mirror for gazing at your own gorgeousness, the costs quickly add up. A large mirror can prove especially cost-prohibitive for many. Fortunately, IKEA has your back with its inexpensive MADESJÖ mirror set.

Each set of four mirrors is only $18.99 and includes one 11¾-by-17¾ inch mirror, one 5⅞-by-17¾ inch mirror, one 5⅞-by-11¾ inch mirror, and one 5⅞-by-5⅞ inch mirror. The foursome can be arranged in any way you like to create one large tiled vanity mirror for less than $20. If you've been searching for a brand-new vanity mirror for an affordable price, this is likely the best deal you'll come across any time in the near future. 

How to create a customized vanity mirror

Installing your IKEA mirror set to create a customized vanity mirror is a simple and easy process, as demonstrated by TikTok creator @s0fiaravioli. The mirrors come with removable double-sided adhesive strips for applying them to your wall. Simply apply one strip to the bottom and top of each mirror. Once you've chosen its location, apply the mirror to the wall and apply firm pressure to the areas where the strips are located for a few seconds. You may find it useful to plan out the shape of your mirror and map out the tiles on the wall using light pencil lines before applying the mirrors.

To add an extra element of glamour to your new vanity mirror, consider installing vanity lights along its perimeter. You can snag a set of 10 no-drill stick-on, dimmable, color-changing, Hollywood-style LED vanity lights by Consciot for $12.99 on Amazon. Adding this feature brings the total cost of creating your own customized vanity mirror with lighting to just $31.98 before tax and shipping.