DIY A Stylish Doorstop With Supplies From Your Yard

Okay, what if we told you that you could get a doorstop for free? As it turns out, you can, while using just a rock. Yes, a rock. While it may seem like the last item you'd envision, @fragmentsfineart on TikTok shows how to paint one and use it to keep your door at bay. Not only will it stop noisy door slams but it'll also look pretty funky (in the coolest way). All you have to do is prep and work your magic with your paintbrush, and you should be left with a doorstop of which your friends and family will be envious.

In addition to sporting good looks, this DIY project can literally cost zilch if you already have a stash of paints and crafting items in a cupboard somewhere, as you can easily snatch up a rock from your backyard or neighborhood for free, too. However, even if you don't, the total cost of this project is still relatively cheap, as all you'll have to buy is some paints, paintbrushes, adhesive, and DryDex spackling, which is available at Home Depot for $9.48. So, what are the next steps?

Prepare your DIY rock doorstop

First, you'll need to choose your rock, which you can buy from a store or get for free outdoors. If you want to purchase one, there are some beach stones of a reasonable size on Etsy for $32.62. Just make sure whatever you choose is large enough to act as a doorstop, as something pebble-sized or lightweight won't get the job done. As for a rock from your garden, you'll have much more freedom, but again, just ensure it follows these guidelines. You should also have some old material on hand, such as felt or an old T-shirt with which you don't mind parting ways.

Once you have your stone in hand, start by giving it a quick rinse and pat dry, removing any dirt and debris. When that's done, add a coating of DryDex spackling on the area you want to paint using your fingers (just make sure you wear some plastic gloves) before waiting for it to dry. Then, apply your paint. You can paint it how you like, whether plain, with a pattern, or with a complete drawing — don't be afraid to let your creative juices flow.

Finally, once it's dry, adhere some material to the underside of your stone, and your new stylish doorstop should be good to go. This will help make sure it doesn't scuff up your door or floor. Optionally, if you want a high-quality finish, add a layer of resin, and let it cure, ensuring you follow the correct safety measures.

Customizing your DIY doorstop

While painting your rock undoubtedly looks excellent, there are other ways to customize it. For example, you could use your adhesive to stick gems or other crafting items onto it, such as multi-colored tiny flowers, which you can purchase on Etsy for $2, or some fake grass growing out of the top, which you can grab on Etsy for $2.50. You could even add a thin layer of rubber to the bottom, helping to keep it in place. If you want something even more unique and want to skip the DIY aspect, buy an exotic design off Etsy for $46.59, which looks the part and will get the job done. 

However, there are some important caveats to remember when performing this DIY. First, as a reminder, the rock you choose will need to be big and heavy enough to act as a doorstop, as opposed to one that moves easily when someone nudges the door slightly. Secondly, any sharp ones in your garden will be a hazard to yourself, your family, your pets, and small children, as they could easily trip or cut themselves, so opt for something smooth instead. Thirdly, if you have small children or curious pets, avoid using too-small stones or attachments because they can be choking hazards. If you consider all of these things, your result for this door hack should be perfectly usable, safe, and cute to boot.