Is Coca-Cola Really The Secret To A Greener Lawn?

If you're in need of a quick pick-me-up, cracking open an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola can provide that refreshing jolt. Interestingly, you're not the only one that can benefit from its refreshing boost. Did you know that some also recommend Coca-Cola for your lawn

The presence of nutrients like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, sulfur, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus in carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola is believed to be beneficial for foliage health. Additionally, these components can contribute to achieving a lush, deep green lawn. Another suggested advantage of using Coca-Cola is its role in pest control. The sugar content in the soda is believed to attract ants, which in turn feed on the larvae of garden pests without affecting the plants. Chris Bonnett, founder of Gardening Express, also tells Express, "If you have some spare or flat Coca-Cola, this is a great alternative to weed killers." He also noted that the high sugar content in Coca-Cola can significantly benefit compost piles. However, he reminds us that these drinks should only be used in moderation since too much can kill plants.

Why using Coca-Cola on your lawn isn't a good idea

But using Coca-Cola or any lawn tonic that has it as an ingredient is a lawn fertilization hack that you really don't want to replicate. While Coca-Cola and other carbonated drinks are a great source of elements and minerals that are good for grass health, the benefit is negated by their high sugar content. The sugar content can prevent plants from absorbing water and other nutrients, resulting in their death. It can also pull water out from the plant roots due to osmosis and attract microbes that are harmful to plants. Watering your lawn with Coca-Cola also poses a risk of fungal infections and other diseases. To add, while spraying Coca-Cola or a lawn tonic with it may attract ants to your lawn (which can be beneficial), it can also inadvertently bring on unwanted pests. Instead, experts recommend using carbonated water like club soda since it contains a high concentration of nutrients without the sugar. 

Instead of Coca-Cola, you can use some natural ways to keep your lawn green. This includes choosing the ideal plant species for your lawn, finding the ideal watering and mowing routine, and using organic fertilizer.