Make Yellowed Glass Fixtures Shine With A Common Household Ingredient

There is little worse than yellowed glass fixtures in your house; not only do they diminish the degree of illumination in your space, but they also lend an unwelcoming and grungy appearance to your home. Enter white distilled vinegar: the insanely affordable and highly versatile household cleaning tool, which has a plethora of practical uses in and around the house.

White vinegar — which is a combination of water and acetic acid — possesses very high levels of acid. It is the intrinsically acidic nature of vinegar that makes it so effective at cleaning. When applied to mineral deposits and general grime — which is similar to the type of dirt buildup that leads to the yellowing of glass fixtures — vinegar seamlessly dissolves the dulling substances that have accumulated, revealing a formerly obscured crystalline clarity. While it may be initially difficult to believe, a simple concoction crafted with this pantry staple will make your discolored glass a thing of the past. It also has the unique benefit of requiring virtually no time (or skill) to execute.

Get to work, see the results

To remove the yellow film that has overtaken the surface of glass fixtures, you will need only a few materials: water, white distilled vinegar, and a soft cloth — microfiber is an excellent choice for washing this and many other surfaces. Begin by detaching the glass components from your fixture and placing them on a soft bath towel to prevent chipping and breakage. Prepare the cleaning liquid, filling a sink or bucket with equal parts white vinegar and water. Place the yellowed glass in the mixture and leave it to soak in the cleaning liquid for best results.

After several minutes, the vinegar will have done its work by breaking down the dust and grime on the surface of the glass. Now, grab your microfiber cloth and start scrubbing the glass gently. You should soon see that the film is lifting and being washed away. Continue cleaning all the pieces until they sparkle, and rinse with clean water. Dry the glass with a clean cloth, and the job is done.