DIY Stunning Celestial Home Decor On A Budget With TikTok's Aluminum Foil Hack

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Fancy yourself a moon-watcher or a stargazer? Bring the celestial bodies right into your home decor — and don't worry about any astronomical prices. This hack may look out of this world, but with aluminum foil, masking tape and paint as the only components, it's as down-to-earth as it gets. Okay, enough of the wordplay. Truly, all it requires is some aluminum foil bent into the shapes of moon crescents and stars, masking tape to cover it up, craft primer, and some metallic paint to top it off. And, yes, that means this decor idea is incredibly cost-effective. 

A 200-square-foot roll of recycled Reynolds Wrap will set you back $13.22 on Amazon, a 3-pack of masking tape is just $6.80, and a box of 20 metallic acrylic paints is $20.99. Of course, if you're partial to just one color, that would make things even cheaper. As for the craft primer, you can get a tub off Amazon for under $12, or even make your own using a mixture of leftover wall paint and regular flour. In other words, even if you had to buy all the components, it would come to around $55 — and it bears mentioning that you'll get a ton of crafts out of the materials. 

Work the foil into shapes, then tape, prime, and paint

We weren't kidding when we said this was an easy hack. Simply squish the foil into moon or star shapes (crescent moons are by far the easiest way to get started), and cover it with masking tape. Once you've done that, apply the primer, wait for it to dry, and then get to painting. Any metallic shade will do. You can even mix various combinations or dapple it in patterns that mimic shadows or craters. Your project, your rules, and the sky's the limit! 

Once your moons and stars have dried and you're happy with them, it's time to decide how you'll use them. They work beautifully placed as-is next to a lantern or candle for a variation of a moonlit dinner. Alternatively, string them up and hang them wherever you see fit. You could even create a baby mobile as a gift or incorporate them into gift-wrapping for your next birthday party or special occasion. 

The great thing with this hack is, as long as you're still in the foil stage, it's relatively easy to play around with how the shapes look. Another perk of this budget-friendly foil decor hack is that it's easy enough to incorporate leftover bits and pieces. The next time you find yourself pulling off a little more than necessary to cover your lunch, cut off the excess and set it aside for your next celestial craft session — a truly stellar way to recycle.