The Popular Space-Saving Series IKEA Fans Love Using In Their Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, you are familiar with the struggle. Finding places to hold all of your toiletries can be rough, especially when you want a clean, inviting space to wash off the day or start your morning on the right foot. There are a ton of small bathroom ideas that can make your space feel bigger, including keeping the colors bright, using floating shelves, and installing a glass shower door. But if you have the budget to do a bit more with your bathroom, you may want to consider the GODMORGON series at IKEA.

The GODMORGON series includes space-saving features that any small bathroom owner will love. The series features not only vanities, mirrors, and sinks, but also storage containers for organization, faucets, and lighting, plus a 10-year warranty, and adjustable elements. Many of the items in the series are some of IKEA's best sellers, like the LINDBYN mirror and the GODMORGON high cabinet, and a majority of items have five-star ratings, so apparently, it's a popular choice among renovators.

IKEA's GODMORGON series is designed for small bathrooms

One of the hardest things about a small bathroom is the lack of storage space. The GODMORGON series from IKEA helps solve this problem by including features like deep, long drawers that are full-size and extendable. As you can see in the TikTok by @nkinteriors, who installed the GODMORGON sink cabinet in her bathroom, the product's P-trap and pipe are located against the wall, which means you no longer have to sacrifice cabinet space under your sink for those items.

In addition to the sink cabinet, the series also comes with other great space-saving options. The wall cabinet – a sleek storage unit that is made with tempered glass and costs $114 — can be used to hold everyday necessities like lotions and razors. The mirror cabinet, which features a shallow design, costs $349 and provides both a mirror over your sink and storage in an otherwise unused space. For organization, a top seller in the series is the set of GODMORGON boxes – that's five lidded containers for $14.99 — which, per reviewers, are great for their ability to be stacked and fit well into many spaces. 

How to get the GODMORGON bathroom series for your home

Not only is this bathroom series great for small spaces, it's also a great option for those on a budget. There are a ton of different options for this series, including a sink cabinet that comes with a built-in sink for easier installation, and various colors and sizes to fit seamlessly into any size bathroom space. You can choose a full set that mixes pieces from the GODMORGON series and other popular IKEA series like the GODMORGON/TOLKEN/KATTEVIK option for $1,348. This option includes a round bowl, which offers extra countertop space, a wall-mounted vanity, and deep drawers. You can also choose to use one item from the series and make it your own, like @sarah.bane on TikTok, who used the GODMORGON vanity. 

If you want to try your hand at installing the vanity yourself, you're in luck: While it requires a bit more than screwing in nails, it is designed to be done by yourself without the help of a professional. You will need a few special tools, including a caulking gun, a spade bit to cut a hole in the top of the cabinet for your sink, and a drill. IKEA includes a template to help guide you, but you can also utilize their team for additional help.