Our Real Estate Expert Shares 3 Bedroom Additions That Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

When it comes to selling your home, finding a buyer quickly is usually the name of the game. Long, drawn out sales can affect your plans, especially if your new abode is just within reach but your current house is still on the market. While there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to help push potential buyers along, focusing on your bedroom(s) could be the key to closing the deal. During an exclusive interview with House Digest, Shaun Martin, founder and CEO of We Buy Houses In Denver shared some valuable tips on bedroom additions that might encourage more offers on your home. He explained that lighting, staging, and atmosphere all play a big role in affecting people's mood toward a new home, and can nudge them in the right direction if done properly.

According to Martin, "Good lighting, upgraded bedding and linens, a cozy vibe, and natural elements all contribute to creating a welcoming and desirable space that buyers can envision themselves living in." If you're wanting to sell your home, try these three suggestions to enhance your interior's aesthetic and pin down "looky-loos," turning them into potential and serious buyers.

Good lighting makes all the difference

The first, and probably most important, addition to your bedroom is good lighting. Shaun Martin of We Buy Houses In Denver exclusively shared with House Digest that "proper lighting can make a room feel larger, brighter, and more inviting, which are all desirable qualities for potential buyers." As a space dedicated to relaxation, a bedroom serves as a respite for homeowners. Think of these rooms as sanctuaries away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With that in mind, a bedroom should feature lighting that allows people to feel safe and comforted. Martin noted that sellers should "make sure to have adequate lighting that illuminates the entire room and creates a warm and welcoming ambiance." The more welcoming a bedroom, the more a potential buyer can envision themself making it their own and spending time there.

When choosing lighting for a bedroom, stick to warm or neutral bulbs that exude a calming ambiance. Keep all of the lights at the same temperature to avoid overly bright areas that make people feel uncomfortable. If bulbs give off a sterile glow, or anything that resembles a workspace, the room no longer feels cozy, and these are the types of lightbulbs you want to avoid. Martin also recommends incorporating pendant lights and even bedside lamps to "add a touch of style to your bedroom." These additions can aid in helping your home sell faster.

Comfort is key

While good lighting is key, you still want to ensure the rest of the space looks just as inviting. Making the room feel serene and comfortable will help viewers get an idea of how it would be to live in that room, which is why expert Shaun Martin suggests using "high-quality bedding and linens." When discussing ways to fix up a home's bedrooms to encourage buyers, Martin exclusively told House Digest that sellers should "choose soft and luxurious fabrics that will make potential buyers feel like they are walking into a five-star hotel room." On top of desirable bedding selections, including throw blankets, cozy pillows, and rugs will "create a warm and inviting atmosphere," according to Martin. "This will help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the space."

Lastly, Martin encouraged using "natural elements such as plants, flowers, or even a small water feature." He explained that these create an extra level of tranquility within the bedroom, elevating it from just a place to sleep to somewhere enjoyable to lounge, rest, read, or get ready. Each of these additions will help transform a bedroom (or multiple bedrooms) and build an atmosphere that entices people to buy. "These small changes can make a big impact on how quickly your home sells," Martin notes, which is reason enough to give all these tricks a try.