The Secret To Finding Anthropologie-Style Furniture Hardware Without The Price Tag

There are many pros and cons of buying home décor at Anthropologie. For instance, an obvious upside is that many of the retailer's home items are gorgeous, and investing in them can upgrade your home in the blink of an eye. However, the prices aren't so convenient, as the upscale vibes of the store's products are reflected in the high prices. Of course, not everyone will want to spend so much on home-related products such as furniture hardware.

But just because Anthropologie's prices aren't ideal for every shopper, that doesn't mean people can't get that Antropologie-like look for accessible prices. Instagram user @flipdaddie posted a video proving that you can find some of the same — and super similar — products from Hobby Lobby, such as stylish knobs, for only a fraction of Anthroplogie's prices. So, if you want affordable Anthropologie furniture hardware dupes to get the look without the prices, Hobby Lobby is the place to start shopping.

Check out the convenient furniture hardware options

Furniture and door hardware can leave a big positive impact on your home, but thanks to Hobby Lobby, you won't have to pay some of Anthropologie's high prices for similar finds. For example, the clear Phoebe Handle sells for $22 at Anthropologie, at the time of writing, while the similar-looking Glass Pull is available for only $11.99 at Hobby Lobby.

Or do you want a dupe of the black Inga Handle that sells for $20 at Anthropologie? Check out the Black Curled Tip Metal Pool, which is available for $4.99 at Hobby Lobby. Featuring that sleek black look and curved design, this similar product's price is only a quarter of what you'd pay for the handle at Anthropologie.

There are chic yet affordable knob dupes, too. For instance, take the clear Helena Knobs, Set of two, which has a price of $16 at Anthropologie, but you can get the similar-looking Crackle Mercury Glass Knob for $4.99 at Hobby Lobby. And if you're on a budget but want to upgrade your home's details, don't hesitate to visit the store in person where you can see and feel the items to really gauge if they will work in your home. 

Don't forget about quality and reviews, though

Of course, Hobby Lobby's hardware prices are significantly more affordable than those at Anthropologie. And while those inexpensive Hobby Lobby products look super similar to the pricier Anthropologie options, you must remind yourself that dupes are usually cheaper for a reason. So, if you want something high-quality, you may be better off splurging on the Anthropologie pieces for the long term in some cases. 

For instance, Hobby Lobby's Glass Pull is much more affordable than Anthropologie's similar-looking Phoebe Handle. However, the Phoebe Handle from Anthropologie is better quality, featuring hand-painted cast iron in addition to the glass, instead of metal, which the Glass Pull from Hobby Lobby uses. Also, the handle from Anthropologie has 3.3 out of five stars, and the Hobby Lobby handle has only 2.6 stars, and reviewers complained about aspects such as hole spacing and fragility. So, before you get too excited about Hobby Lobby's excellent prices for hardware products that look like they came from Anthropologie, remember that looks aren't always everything. When shopping, consider the dupe's quality and reviews before making your purchase if you care about durability in addition to appearance.