Are Coffee Grounds The Secret To A Spider-Free Home? What We Know

Spiders tend to come into our homes uninvited, and when they do, getting rid of them isn't a fun task. Although there are some good reasons why you shouldn't kill spiders in your home, most people don't want them lurking around. Fortunately, repelling spiders is easier than you might expect and you probably already have what you need in your home to do so. Coffee grounds can do a great job of keeping spiders away and persuading them to stay out of your home in the first place. If placed in strategic locations, they can stop spiders in their tracks.

One of the primary reasons spiders will enter a home is because there's a source of food inside. If there are insects in your home, then spiders are more likely to pay you a visit during their search for prey. Coffee grounds work so well for repelling spiders because most bugs dislike the smell of coffee. They contain specific compounds that can harm insects and spiders, including fatty acids, diterpenes, and caffeine. The aroma of these compounds will scare spiders away and keep insects out of your house as well.

How to get the most out of this hack

To get the most out of using coffee grounds as a spider repellent, you'll want to use them well. Used coffee grounds can work, but fresh coffee grounds tend to be a bit more effective. However, whichever type you use, it's best if they're dry. If you decide to use used coffee grounds, let them dry out for a while beforehand.

After you have coffee grounds to use, sprinkle them in areas where you suspect spiders may be able to enter your home. This includes gaps where they could enter such as those in doorways and windows or small cracks in your home's foundation. To keep things tidy, you may want to store coffee grounds in a cheesecloth bag or a small bowl when placing them in these areas. This will make the coffee grounds easier to remove later on.

Burning the coffee grounds will make this natural repellent work even better for scaring away pests and spiders. This is because the smell of burning coffee grounds is much stronger. To burn the coffee grounds, you'll want to place the coffee grounds on a flat, heatproof surface, such as a foil plate. Then, use a lighter to set them on fire. You'll likely want to add a small amount of lighter fluid to ensure that the coffee grounds will burn well.