For Streakless Clean Windows, Grab This Handy Laundry Tool

You'd think wiping your windows down would get rid of the accumulated dirt, dust, and smudges. However, things seldom work that way. More often than not, cleaning your windows with common cleaning solutions leaves unsightly streaks behind. But you don't have to resign yourself to streaky windows, buy expensive tools, or hire professionals to remove the streaks. You can use a handy laundry tool, a clothes steamer, to get streakless clean windows. To understand how this nifty device offers streak-free windows, it's important to know why streaks appear.

Streaks develop when the cleaning solution evaporates before you've had a chance to wipe it. Since the vapor from the device doesn't dry before you can wipe it off, you stand a better chance of getting a streakless glass surface. Besides, the steam and heat loosen the stains and smudges, get into the nooks and crannies, and eliminate the bacteria from your dirty windows. Plus, the steamer is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option because you don't have to resort to using chemicals on your windows.

Use a clothes steamer to clean windows

To get streak-free clean windows, fill the steamer's tank with tap water unless its mineral content is high, since it'll lead to streaks. Under such circumstances, it's best to go with distilled water. Now, plug in the device and wait for the steamer to heat — until you see vapor pouring out of the device or the water in the tank boiling. Adjust the setting to low, as this will give off less moisture and won't drench your windows.

Hold the tool's nozzle 6 to 8 inches from the glass surface and systematically move it vertically (from top to bottom). After steaming the window, let the vapor work its magic for a few minutes. Use a clean microfiber cloth (or squeegee) to wipe away the moisture. Move the cloth horizontally (from one side to the next). Don't move the cloth haphazardly, or you'll be left with unsightly streaks. Ta-da! Say hello to your clean windows. While this method works like a charm, keep a few things in mind. Don't clean the window when the sun is shining directly on it because the heat will cause the vapor to evaporate faster, leading to streaks. Moreover, don't steam cold windows, or you might end up damaging the window due to the difference in temperature.