Bathroom Paint Colors Our Interior Designers Say Will Dominate 2024

The bathroom is traditionally a private space where one rejuvenates; it's where we take relaxing hot baths or splash cool water across our faces. Whether your bathroom doubles as your dressing room or is mainly there for you to freshen up, the bathroom's design helps to create the perfect atmosphere to handle all your business. While there are colors you should never paint your bathroom, Amy Krane, founding designer at Amy Krane Color and host of the podcast "Let's Talk (paint) Color" spoke exclusively to House Digest about which bathroom paint shades she expects to dominate 2024. According to our expert, it's all about cool tones and light neutrals.

Although earthy palettes have risen in popularity for bathroom paint colors, Krane believes that it's a fad that will fade. "Warm earth tones, including browns, are hot this year but bathrooms' uses and attributes make them unique in their color needs," the interior design expert explained. Krane trusts that cool hues and light-neutral schemes have longevity, appeal to the masses, and can transform a humble bathroom into a spa oasis.

Cool tones and light neutrals are the top two color palettes

Speaking with House Digest, Amy Krane opined, "Cool colors like light to mid-toned blues, greens, green-blues and blue-greens will continue to dominate." These hues have always been popular bathroom paint choices, and that's not changing. Cool tones are synonymous with nature and cleanliness, which can create a relaxing atmosphere. However, that's not just lighter shades of blue and green. Krane added, "With a nod towards dark, moody paint colors becoming more popular in interiors, it's natural that deep green and even navy blue have gravitated to the bathroom, too."

Along with the sky and grass hues, you can't go wrong with 2024's other top contender — neutrals. "Light neutrals like whites, off-whites, gray-blues and gray-greens also create calm," said Krane. These shades complement the most timeless bathroom tile colors and pair well with several vanities, especially wood-styled ones. Just make sure to use the right finish to bring out the hues' best look. "I am a firm believer in using the flattest finish that's practical for the space," stated Krane. "I tend to use a washable matte or eggshell on walls in a bathroom. Not shinier." While cool tints and light neutrals are sure to do your bathroom justice, Krane has a practical formula to know which paint color is best for your powder room walls.

Which bathroom paint color is right for your home

According to Amy Krane, the right color for your bathroom walls depends on three things: the room's lighting, the hardware's style, and your atmospheric goal. As the expert told House Digest, "Color is reflected light and if your bulbs are very cold in color temperature (5000 K color temp and above) or super warm (2700 K or below) it's going to skew the appearance of the colors a lot." Cool light bulbs add a blue tint to the paint, while warm bulbs add a yellow one. It is best to sample your calm greens or neutrals to ensure what you see in the store still looks good at home when the lights are on.

Also, don't forget to think about how the paint might contrast with your hardware. Chrome shower heads are on the cool side, copper towel bars are on the warm end, and black faucets are neutral. A paint matching the temperature tone to your hardware will blend in while opposite color temps offer contrast.

Plus, variations of blue, green, and white might be the bathroom paints of 2024, but if nature isn't your aesthetic, there are more stylish options. Krane suggested warm colors: "Think ochre, coral, caramel, tan. They can all look great if you don't seek a refreshing atmosphere in the bathroom." But whatever you're leaning towards, Krane reminded us not to get caught up on niche trends and suggested staying classic so your bathroom's style will have longevity and look fresh for years.