The Laundry Hamper That Doubles As Stylish Blanket Storage For Any Room

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Keeping blankets in a basket is a chic way to store your stash and make your living room feel extra cozy, but as anyone who's thought of bringing one into their home will know, they can get pricey, fast. Luckily, there's a way to get around the cost. All you'll need to do is stop looking at blanket-specific baskets and start looking at laundry hampers instead. For instance, you could purchase the 23.5-inch Brightroom Metal Wire Hamper with Fabric Liner from Target for just $12. This will provide you with the same look and still allow your blankets to show through the wire frame, but at a fraction of the cost.

Sure, a quick breeze through Amazon will show that there are chic, wire storage baskets for around $12 on the market, like the G.E.T. Heavy Duty Iron Wire Utility Storage Basket. However, at 8 inches tall, you'd be hard pressed to fit more than one blanket into it. In fact, at that rate, you may as well use your blankets as decor and arrange them on the back of your couch — you'd certainly fit more into the room. As for the bigger blanket baskets, Amazon also stocks sets of 18-inch tall baskets with wooden lids, like the Elevon Wire Basket Base with Wood Tops Side Tables ... but at just under $40, that's quite pricey. Instead, as pointed out by TikToker Jacque Dalton, you can achieve the same look by just using a wire laundry hamper instead.

Remove the fabric insert and you've got a blanket basket

The only difference between a wire laundry hamper and a blanket basket is that the former comes with a fabric insert. However, pull that insert out, and it's essentially the same thing. Just throw your textiles in and you've easily decorated your home with blankets while keeping them accessible. If you already have a wire laundry hamper and you're not opposed to repurposing it, you're sorted. If not, though, the hamper from Target is an exceptional deal and will work perfectly. 

That said, if you are willing to spend a little more, you can get the Round Metal Wire Laundry Hamper with Removable Liner from At Home that has handles for about $25 instead. Or, if you're not tied to the circular shape but love the wire look, Amazon offers a nearly 28-inch tall rectangular Snughome Wire Laundry Hamper with a lid, wheels, and hooks for about $20.

Once you've got your hamper-turned-basket, all that's left to do is pop your blankets inside. Roll them up for a more structured look, keep them coordinated, or even toss them in and have some of the edges spilling over the edge, for a more organic look. The great thing about a blanket basket is that it makes your space look and feel more intentional ... even if the basket is a hamper in disguise.