TikTok's Easy And Elegant DIY For Hiding Cleaning Supplies In The Kitchen

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Love to clean but don't have a discreet spot to store your cleaning supplies? In places where space comes at a premium (or is simply limited), one common dilemma is keeping less-than-photogenic cleaning supplies and equipment out of sight. While these essentials are crucial for maintaining a neat and hygienic living space, their perceived lack of aesthetics often clashes with our desire for a visually pleasing home, especially in smaller spaces where every square inch matters. Let's face it: The sight of a mop or broom can be a bit of an eyesore in a kitchen (or anywhere outside the broom closet), but fear not! There's a clever and easy way to discreetly store your cleaning arsenal without sacrificing style and extra square footage. Enter the humble rod and shower curtain hack as shown on TikTok by @homeworthy.

How did she do it? Living in her small apartment in New York, @homeworthy says she had nowhere to hide her Swiffers and brooms. So, she bought a rod from Walmart and installed it up high, and then hung up a shower curtain, creating a sleek cover for her cleaning supplies. Not only does this solution keep things hidden, but it also adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Creating your own clever cleaning supply storage

If you're planning to replicate @homeworthy's solution, consider how much room you actually have. With a limited wall space (width-wise), regular wraparound curtain rods may not cut it. You would need a shorter wall-mounted rod like this versatile Honmein Towel Bar retailing for $9.99 at Amazon at the time of writing, or this Self-Adhesive Towel Rod priced at an affordable $7.78 at Walmart. As for the shower curtain, make sure you select one that complements your kitchen décor, or consider getting one in a neutral color or a pattern that blends seamlessly with the rest of your space.

You can also take this creative storage solution up a notch to keep your cleaning supplies off the floor and well organized by adding a vertical broom wall rack or holder into the mix. If your wall space allows it, you may consider installing cleverly designed and highly rated products like the Homeitusa Broom and Mop Holder Rack retailing for $18.99 at Target, or the Berry Ave Broom Holder and Wall Mount Garden Tool Organizer on sale at Amazon for $19.99. By taking advantage of these versatile products, you can keep your brooms, Swiffers, and other cleaning essentials easily accessible yet hidden from view.