Give Second-Hand Pots & Pans A Second Life With This Genius Gardening Idea

One of the best parts about gardening is how easy it is to get thrifty in the garden! Traditional clay or ceramic gardening pots and planters can be pretty expensive. However, this genius gardening idea allows you to spice up your garden on a budget! Used pots and pans can sometimes be scratched up or in poor condition for kitchen use. However, using them in the garden gives them a new lease on life and makes your garden look unique, rustic, and stylish!

Since ceramic pots are so expensive, people often opt for the more economical plastic planters. However, plastics pose a dire threat to our health and the health of our beloved planet. According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, and microplastics are becoming so ubiquitous that they are becoming a part of the Earth's fossil record. Globally, we produce about 400 million tons yearly of plastic waste. Since gardening is often touted as a sustainable practice, it's a shame that plastic has become so prevalent in the gardening world. Upcycling pots and pans is an eco-friendly way to offset plastic use and unsustainable practices in the garden and reduce waste!

Why second-hand pots make superior planters

Secondhand pots and pans are excellent alternatives to plastic pots and an inventive and creative addition to any garden! Any kind of kitchen pot can work for this, whether it's a saucepan or a deeper pot. You can also use bakeware like cake pans, pyrex dishes, etc. Additionally, pots and pans aren't the only household items you can turn into beautiful planters! When making your planter, for drainage purposes, it helps to drill holes into the bottom of the pot to allow water to flow properly. While it is not 100% necessary, it all really depends on what kind of plant you put in the pot. If you put a plant that prefers a lot of drainage, like a succulent or cactus, it is best to drill some holes in the bottom or be mindful as to how often you water it. Be sure to use a cobalt or titanium drillbit to safely drill through a metal pan.

Not only are you reducing waste and saving money with this cool DIY hack, but it also adds a thrifty and artistic element that adds depth to any garden. Repurposing pots and pans in the garden will set you apart and add an interesting talking piece when you have guests over. If you're looking to make your garden even more sustainable, there are lots of ways to reduce your environmental impact while sprucing up your garden on a budget.

Fun ways to customize your repurposed pots & pans

The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIYing and repurposing old household items into fun, artistic projects! One YouTube creator, SimplyPrettyCreations, took an old nonstick wok pan and spray-painted it a vibrant blue and gold, making it an adorable, unique, and chic pot for shallow-rooting succulents. There is no end to the creative ideas one can come up with repurposing pots and pans for garden planters.

For example, take inspiration from this super unique and extravagant bedazzled rhinestone planter on Etsy for $180! And, for those of us who live near the beach and are chronic seashell collectors, this is an excellent way to put them to use! Grab a hot glue gun and start strategically pasting the seashells on the pot in whatever style you prefer. If you really want to take your DIY crafting to the next level, you can put your kitchen planter on a stand and build "legs" for it using metal rods, wood, etc. Another fun idea is to incorporate other discarded items otherwise considered trash into your design, like old CDs or broken terra cotta pot pieces. If you happen to come across a fractured cast iron pan, they can make a gorgeous rustic, farmhouse-style planter with an industrial twist. Whether you spray paint, bedazzle, use hot glue, or get real crafty with it, the world is truly your oyster with this fun and creative DIY hack!