Organize Those Loose Reusable Straws With This Beyond Easy Storage DIY

If you're embracing a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, having reusable straws can significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce. Reusable straws are not only free from the harmful toxins that can be found in plastic straws, but they also add an aesthetic touch and personality to your drinkware. For those with a collection of reusable straws who are wondering about storage, especially in tight spaces, a creative idea from TikTok user @amanda_cleans comes in handy: repurpose a toothpaste box. This solution is practical since toothpaste boxes are lightweight and conveniently shaped for straw storage, and, best of all, it's an easy way to make your home more eco-friendly!

To create a handy straw holder using a toothpaste box, simply get a box and cut it to size. An ideal length would be slightly more than half the length of your straws. This ensures that they're held securely. If you plan to store multiple straws inside, reinforce the bottom of the box with tape to prevent it from opening. For a more personalized touch, you can decorate the box with sticker paper or wrap it in colored paper and then secure it in place with tape. Finally, attach the holder to the back of your kitchen cabinet using double-sided tape, keeping it handy yet out of sight.

Is a toothpaste box ideal for reusable straw storage?

The ideal storage for your reusable straw is anywhere where you can store them vertically, like a mason jar inside the kitchen cupboard, where they aren't likely to accumulate dust. While using a toothpaste box for storage is beneficial due to its compact size, there are some drawbacks. Being made of paper, the toothpaste box can be damaged by any residual water left on the straws, potentially leading to mold and bacteria growth over time.

A great alternative is to repurpose juice boxes for straw storage. Thanks to their lining of waterproof plastic (polyethylene) and aluminum foil, these boxes are much more durable and moisture-resistant. This makes them a longer-lasting option for keeping your reusable straws. Additionally, their larger size compared to a toothpaste box not only allows for more straws to be stored but also makes it easier to inspect and clean the interior, ensuring your straws remain dust and dirt-free. When the straws themselves are dirty, you can clean your reusable straws using dental floss!