Turn An Old Tomato Cage Into A Stunning Birdbath For Your Feathered Friends

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If you decide to construct a fruit and veggie garden, you're going to see a lot of fresh produce coming your way. On the other hand, you also have to get ready for all the waste that it generates as byproducts. While a lot of this waste will be organic and can be made into compost and mulch, other types will come in inorganic forms such as tomato cages. While you could recycle this item, you could also put it to better use and upcycle it in your garden by turning it into a charming DIY birdbath. To do this, you'll simply modify the tomato cage, then place a shallow tray on the top and fill it with water. 

Tomato cages are excellent garden tools because of how well they support the vertical growth of your tomatoes and other tall plants. They are also capable of giving you a great makeshift birdbath for little to no extra cost at all. Many homeowners love having feathered friends visit their yard often enough to indulge in their sweet song and gorgeous plumage. However, even if you don't like bird-watching, birds are vital to your garden as pollinating agents. They eat seeds and spread them, and hummingbirds have pollen brushed onto them during feeding time, which they then transport to other flowers. Because they benefit your garden, helping the birdies out with a drink of water and a little splash is the least you can do.

Make your DIY birdbath as attractive to the birds as possible

To make your DIY tomato cage birdbath, you will have to run to the garage to get your old tomato cage as well as a circular tray that's as large as the top of the cage. This could be a large plant saucer, an old decorative tray, or a shallow bowl. You'll also need spray paint, wire cutters, a mallet, zip ties, and wooden stakes. Prepare the cage by using the wire cutter to trim it down if it's too tall. You want it to be easily accessible to both the birds and whoever will be replacing the water.

Once the tomato cage is at a desirable height, you can spray paint it. Ensure you use a bright color like red or yellow that will catch the birds' attention and entice them to make a pit stop. Next, hammer the stakes into the ground using the mallet and secure the tomato cage to them with the zip ties so strong winds don't knock it down. Place the saucer on top of the cage and fill it up with water.

To draw the birds in, you can add colorful, weathered stones to the bottom of the saucer, which they'll be able to stand on. You could also install a water dripper that will mimic a fountain inside the birdbath. The AISITIN Solar Fountain Pump costs about $26 on Amazon, and you simply have to place it inside the saucer.