Pinterest Found A Dollar Tree Hidden Gem That Does Wonders For Kitchen Storage

There are many Dollar Tree finds that help you organize your space without breaking the bank. Pinterest found and highlighted some of those convenient items, such as the Teaching Tree Colorful Plastic Book Bins, available for only $1.25 for each bin on the Dollar Tree website with a minimum quantity of 24 bins per order. The 10-inch long by 8.5-inch high and 2.75-inch-wide bins come in various bold colors, including blue, pink, and purple.

While this item is called a "book bin," you can also use it to store anything else that fits in it and doesn't interfere with the plastic material. Of course, there's nothing wrong with using it for the initial purpose of storing books, but you may want to try using it for keeping various kitchen items organized, too. For instance, do you often misplace your utensils, recipes, or snacks? Consider separating forks, knives, and spoons with the different color bins. You may even want to keep your bags of chips, nuts, or candy in them. The bins will likely save you time and stress if you buy one of these bins for everything in your kitchen that you want to keep in place.

Check out alternative options

While the Teaching Tree Colorful Plastic Book Bins can be convenient, you may want to explore alternative options. For instance, the Stack & Nest Plastic Bins also sell for $1.25 per bin with a minimum quantity of 24 bins per order at Dollar Tree. The 12.65-inch wide by 5.83-inch high by 7.56-inch-long Stack & Nest Plastic Bins come in black, gray, blue, and white. Plus, the stacking feature makes them helpful for your pantry. Whether you have a small or spacious pantry, you shouldn't have to waste space or time figuring out where to put bulky storage bins and containers. Since this option allows you to stack the bins on top of each other, you'll be able to keep many items on the same pantry shelf, saving you space.

Meanwhile, Cooking Concepts Fruit and Vegetable Storage Containers are a plausible option — specifically for kitchens, as "fruit and vegetable" is right there in the product's name. Again, each container costs $1.25, but there's a minimum requirement of 24 containers per purchase at Dollar Tree. While this is a smaller plastic option, featuring dimensions of 4.25 inches wide by 4 inches high by 4.62 inches long, it's ideal for organizing food. The colors are aqua, blue, gray, and red, convenient for color coordination, helping you remember what you store in each container. You could also investigate plastic containers sold at outlets other than Dollar Tree, of course; we're just putting these suggestions out there.