Top-Rated IKEA Products You Need To Organize Your Home Office

Shoppers looking for affordable organization products need to look no further than IKEA. The famed retailer has a wide range of products to keep your home in order, with some excellent picks for your home office. From wall-mounted shelves and rolling filing cabinets to desktop organizers and magazine files, IKEA has almost everything a home office needs.

We've included a variety of organization products here, suitable for both renters and homeowners, as well as offices big and small. These products are all practical, straightforward to install and use, and well-loved by IKEA customers. We only included products that are highly rated, with at least 100 ratings averaging four stars or higher. We preferred items with higher ratings and plenty of reviews and products that can be multi-purpose or hacked to be more useful. Some of these products are IKEA classics, while others are lesser-known gems, but all can help make your office neat and tidy. Ready to pack that basket with items to help organize your home office? Shop these top-rated office products from IKEA.

Elloven monitor stand

Almost everyone can benefit from using a monitor stand. A monitor stand holds your computer monitor just slightly higher to keep your body in a more ergonomic seated position. This stand measures just under 4 inches to give computer monitors a boost. If you're really focused on ergonomics, you'll want to measure your monitor and work area to make sure this stand aligns with your needs — it's not height-adjustable. Ideally, according to OSHA, the top of your monitor should be around your eye level. This stand is probably too low for laptops, but IKEA does sell a taller laptop stand.

The Elloven monitor stand will be a suitable height for many, and even if it's not the perfect size, it's still a useful office addition. It's affordable and looks nicer than cheap plastic monitor stands, coming in a white or black finish. A small drawer, complete with compartments, can help you tidy up your desktop. There's also space under the stand for sliding your keyboard out of sight when the workday is done, plus a hole in the back for cable management.

Tjabba magazine file

This adorable, cheap, and useful grinning magazine file is sure to put a smile on your face. It's hard to pass up the Tjabba magazine holder; it's so cheap for a pack of two and useful for the office and beyond. Of course, use them in the office to hold and organize magazines, files, and other documents, but you can also repurpose them around the home. In the living room, they can hold magazines and books; in the kitchen, you can use them to organize recipes and cookbooks or even hold pots, pans, or produce, one of our favorite easy IKEA storage DIYs for the kitchen.

The Tjabba magazine files are cheap because they are made of cardboard, which means they won't last as long as other materials. IKEA has some alternatives, though, like the Drönjöns magazine file, another highly-rated folder that's made of metal mesh. The Drönjöns comes at a higher price tag, but it will last longer. It doesn't have that cute smiley face, either.

Vattenkar desktop shelf

With the Vattenkar desktop shelf, you can add easy vertical shelf space with no tools required. This shelf mounts to the desk rather than to the wall, creating a wall-mounted look without the need to drill any holes — just twist the screw mounts tight onto the side of your tabletop. This installation flexibility means you can put it on any side of your desk. Consider using it between desks to create a divider; it gives a sense of separation while making you accessible to workmates or partners. 

Since it's desk-mounted, this shelf is relatively small and better suited for light items. It's a great spot to put office plants, pen holders, chargers, and small bits and bobs, clearing some desk space in the process. When installing, you'll also want to make sure not to attach this shelf too tight. The screw mounts have soft padding, but like any screw-on mount, they can leave marks on a surface if installed too tightly.

Helmer drawer unit

Add movable, practical, and organized storage with the Helmer drawer unit. This smart-looking drawer unit comes on castors, so it's easy to wheel around where you need it. It's also designed to be the right height to fit under most desks so that you can tuck it under your workspace.

This steel unit comes in a few colors and has six drawers for organizing small items. They fit letter-size papers, and each has a slot for a label to keep you extra organized. Overall, this unit measures 11 inches wide by 17 ⅜ inches deep by 27 ⅛ inches tall. Shoppers should note that it's smaller than many filing cabinets; if you want something larger, consider the Micke drawer unit. Drawer stops prevent any mishaps, stopping the drawers from being pulled out. Some reviewers found this unit tough to assemble, but many agree it's a nice-looking and useful little unit once it is assembled.

Kvissle letter tray

Keep documents organized with the Kvissle letter tray. This letter tray is useful for just about anyone — who doesn't have papers, documents, or junk mail to organize? Made of metal, it has multiple trays for separating your files, and a cork interior surface gives the tray an elevated look and keeps papers from slipping around. Each tray pulls out for convenient access, providing a total of five slots for you to organize papers, including the four slide-out trays and the bottom level.

IKEA recommends placing this unit upright if you want vertical paper storage. Whichever orientation you choose, use the self-adhesive surface protectors to keep the letter tray from sliding around on your desk. The steel construction gives this tray a nice look, but some reviewers did find the corners sharp due to the metal material, so it may not be the best choice for a kid's workspace.

Nojig organizers

Plastic bin organizers are useful for any room, including the office. The Nojig organizers are one of IKEA's most budget-friendly offerings: they're plain, plastic, and come in a neutral beige color. Available in a few different sizes, they're useful for separating small office supplies. You can either keep them out (they look nice enough to do so) or organize them in a drawer to create compartments for pens, cables, and more.

If the look of the Nojig bins doesn't quite match the aesthetic of your office, IKEA has plenty of other highly-rated options as well. The Kuggis and Sockerbit boxes also earn high ratings, and both have lids, which means they're stackable and will hide your mess. The plain design and white color of the Variera box might be best suited to a more minimalist-style office. Or, consider the Risatorp wire basket, which is charming and useful for home office storage on display.

Råskog utility cart

The Råskog utility cart is a crowd favorite for kitchen and craft room storage, but since it's so versatile, it's just as useful in the office. It comes in several colors and has a pleasant design. It's made of steel and looks utilitarian but in an appealing way due to its curved edges. With three spacious basket-style shelves, this cart provides a decent amount of extra storage with a small footprint. Its middle shelf is also height-adjustable, perfect for storing taller items on the bottom shelf. The Råskog is mounted on wheels, so you can easily wheel it into an office closet to hide it out of sight or slide it under a desk.

If you need an extra surface in your office, add the Högsma cutting board, which is designed to fit perfectly over top of the Råskog shelves. One con of this cart is that the wheels don't lock, so you won't want to store any valuables that can tip out if the cart accidentally moves. We think this is a minor drawback for such a practical storage cart.

Moppe mini storage chest

Give every office item a home, no matter how small, with the Moppe mini storage chest. The drawers are ideal for small items that always seem to be floating around, like pens, erasers, paper clips, USB sticks, and charging cables. It has six drawers total, in various sizes, so you can organize your office items in a way that works for you.

This mini storage chest is made of untreated birch plywood, giving it a natural and rustic look, and the wood material means you can stain, paint, or decorate it to your liking. Just keep in mind that the back and drawer bottoms are made of fiberboard, so they won't match the rest of the unit. This design isn't ideal if you want the back of the chest on display, but it will work perfectly if you keep it against a wall. According to reviewers, the drawers aren't on slides, so their movement isn't very smooth. However, for its affordable price and customizable wood material, this is an excellent and long-lasting little storage unit.

Lack wall shelf

IKEA's Lack series is one of the brand's most affordable lines, offering plenty of basic furniture options. The Lack wall shelf is very simple and suitable for any room, including a home office. It comes in a few colors, each with a clean design and an almost invisible mounting system that takes advantage of hidden suspension brackets (included with the purchase). To get a cohesive look on a budget, shop the entire Lack series, which has excellent shelving and small table options for different rooms in the home.

Along with many pieces in the Lack line, this wall shelf is made of particleboard and fiberboard with a honeycomb structure paper filling. It looks nicer than it sounds, but it still does not look like natural wood; some shoppers might find it a bit too cheap-looking. Of course, it also comes at a cheap price tag, which explains this shelf's popularity — it's worth it for those on a budget.

Kallax shelf unit

This basic Kallax shelf unit is a popular pick for good reason. It's highly rated because it's affordable, versatile, and comes in a few attractive colors, making it another crowd favorite. We're highlighting this shelf because it's a simple choice that will add storage and style to any home office, but IKEA offers lots of options to personalize shelves from this line. Storage bins and inserts make it easy to customize your unit.

It's possible to install the Kallax shelf on the floor or to hang it from a wall for a floating look. Keeping the shelves open is excellent for decoration, or use inserts to help you hide messy storage. This is another IKEA line with plenty of matching furniture, so you can decorate your home in the same style. However, like other affordable pieces from IKEA, it's also made from particle board, so it doesn't look as pleasing as genuine wood.

Möjlighet headset and tablet stand

Give your headset and tablet a spot to rest with this stand. The Möjlighet is very cheap, only costing a few dollars. This means a simple design, but what more do you need? The stand is small and light, made of steel with an epoxy powder coating. It has a hook on the top to hold over-the-ear headphones and a holder section on the bottom to provide a stand for mobile phones and tablets. Keep it on a desk or a shelf to have these items within easy reach and to prevent them from getting lost.

Of course, you don't always have to keep this item in the office. You can also use it around the house as a tablet stand to keep your screen at a comfortable viewing angle. It has rounded edges, so it won't scratch surfaces. There's just one minor drawback: The Möjlighet is relatively lightweight, so it may not hold large tablets or heavy headsets as securely.

Alex drawer unit

The Alex drawer unit is part of a popular IKEA hack, where you take two of the units and place one of the brand's table tops above to create a desk. You can even buy all the components as a Lagkapten/Alex package. This small unit is sturdy, which is why it works for this hack and also a reason for its high ratings. It's also made of particleboard, but it shouldn't be too hard for shoppers to find a look they like since it comes in a few colors. Also, the back of this unit is finished, so it doesn't need to be placed against a wall.

The drawers are large enough to fit US letter-size paper, so you can use this cabinet as stylish document storage — it looks nicer than many traditional filing cabinets. Drawer stops prevent the drawers from accidentally slipping out. There are also plenty of other desk and storage unit picks in the Alex series, which means it's easy to find matching office furniture.

Skådis pegboard

A pegboard can add instant organization, storage, and, if you decorate it nicely, style. The Skådis pegboard from IKEA is one of our favorite products, and many other customers agree, with it having over 1,000 positive ratings. It is available in various sizes and hues (black, white, and wood) to suit different office spaces.

The entire Skådis series is excellent for making a custom storage and decoration pegboard. Shoppers can choose from different shelves, containers, hooks, baskets, and cords to create fully customizable wall storage. The pegboard doesn't even need to be installed on a wall. IKEA also sells connectors to attach it to a desk or a wardrobe, or you can opt for the freestanding version. Just keep in mind that regardless of where you install it in the office, this pegboard is intended for light storage — it's best not to pack it with hefty items.

Tjena storage box

Sometimes, the most straightforward products are the best for organizing. And when you have lots of papers or small items floating around, isn't a box the best solution? The Tjena storage box is an excellent choice for the office, mainly because it's a just-right size for storing documents (it fits US letter-size paper). This can't be said of some of IKEA's other top-rated bins, which are too small to fit sheets of paper lying flat.

Whether it's to store important documents or extra printer paper, the sturdy build and carrying handle keeps items contained and makes the box portable. It's affordable, but the low price is partly due to material. This storage is made of paper board which isn't the most sturdy and can become damaged in wet conditions. It's also rather plain looking, so for those who want a nicer look, consider the Blärare storage box, which is a bit bigger, decorated, and made of fabric.

Billy bookcase

The Billy bookcase is one of IKEA's best sellers for a good reason: it's practical, affordable, and unassuming enough to work in just about any room. In fact, the Swedish furniture giant claims that it sells a Billy bookcase every five seconds. It shouldn't be too hard to find one that suits your office space. The bookcase comes in several neutral wood-like colors, as well as white and black. The Billy is made of particleboard and not wood, which explains the economical price, so it's important not to be too rough on the bookcase to avoid damaging the finish.

This bookcase is easy to assemble and is incredibly useful for office book storage and decoration. It comes in a wide range of configurations (even with almost full-wall versions) and with options for customization by adding doors, extra shelves, extension units, and more. The shelves are adjustable on Billy bookcases, and it's possible to remove or add shelves to your liking.

Laiva bookcase

If you have a small office, the Laiva bookcase might be the best pick for adding shallow storage. This bookcase has a smaller footprint than most, measuring 9.5 inches deep. If you have little space between your desk and a wall, for example, this might be thin enough to fit. The bookcase still adds a decent amount of usable space since it's tall. Consider adding a few units along the wall of a room to make a wall storage shelf that won't take up too much floor area.

This bookcase is ideal for adding open storage (it's a bit too shallow for many of IKEA's decorative bins) and is great for displaying books or office knick-knacks. It's a very affordable pick, so as expected, it's made of particleboard. While many reviews are positive, some note that users should take care while assembling because the thinner pieces can split when screwed too tight.

Tingby side table

The Tingby side table is excellent for placing items that you want to easily move around a home office, such as holding a printer that you don't use too often and want to be able to tuck out of the way. It functions as a movable side table in the office and any other room, which is great if your office also doubles as a guest space.

This unit has a sizable table surface with smooth-rolling casters. It comes in a handful of colors, and with curved corners, it has some attention paid to design. However, it's made of particleboard and fiberboard, and the wheels are quite large, so it's not the most fashionable pick on this list. Some shoppers might not like the look, but it's hard to beat the convenience. The Tingby has a decent amount of space with two shelves, and it's easy to assemble.

Micke drawer unit

The Micke drawer unit is a fabulous compact storage option. It's a drawer unit on wheels made for the office. Unlike many of IKEA's other storage units, this one has drop file storage in the bottom section, primarily designed for holding documents. Three regular pull-out drawers add more flexible storage. All the drawers have stops to ensure your papers or other items don't get pulled out of the unit.

This set of drawers is available in black and white, both with a finished back, which means you can place it anywhere in an office. Measuring 29.5 inches tall, it is the same height as other Micke products, so you can use it as part of a desk setup by installing a tabletop on top of two Micke units. Made of particleboard, this drawer unit comes at an economical price, but it's not the sturdiest, especially compared to a metal filing cabinet.

How we chose the top IKEA products to organize a home office

IKEA has plenty of great items for home office organization, but to make it on our list, the product had to be one of the brand's top-rated products. The bare minimum was a four-star rating with at least 100 reviews. We preferred products with over 500 reviews but included some with fewer reviews due to their useful designs or affordable prices.

Some of these products are IKEA office products, but not all — we included products that might be intended for other rooms, as long as they were also suitable for the home office. We preferred products with customization options (such as different color choices and accessory options) and multiple possible uses. Lastly, we considered affordability, durability, and ease of assembly. There are products on this list to suit every budget, picks that are long-lasting, and also items that don't require installation, so they're perfect for renters.