The Shower Head Placement Mistake That Can Lead To Water-Damaged Floors

Many would say that showers are sanctuaries. Everyone can agree that coming home after a long day and running a nice, hot shower is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. They make for a great place to blow off steam, no pun intended. Since showers are so important, you have probably invested a lot of thought, consideration, and money into picking out the perfect shower head. After finding the ideal match for your bathroom — whether it be a rainfall or a handheld — now comes the tricky part: installing it. And that's where your troubles begin.

When installing your new shower head, the placement of it is far more important than people generally talk about. Placing your shower head in the wrong position can lead to a number of harsh consequences, such as shower flooding, leaking, and even water-damaged floors — or ceilings, depending on the bathroom's placement in the house. So, let's avoid these problems and keep your bathroom in tip-top shape by determining where your shower head should not be positioned. 

Never place your shower head in front of the shower door

Here's what it boils down to: the golden rule of shower head placement is to never place your shower head directly in front of your shower door or shower curtain. Doing so can lead to water leaking out of the shower and onto the floors, thus damaging your bathroom floor tiles, or if you're on the second story, damaging the ceiling of the room below. 

When water intrudes upon tiles, it can not only stain them and make them incredibly unsightly, but it can also seep into the bases and loosen their adhesive. Essentially, if your floor tiles get water-damaged, you will likely have to pay for those damages of pocket, or if you're in an apartment, risk the ire of the tenant below (or your landlord). This is also why you should make sure to tuck your shower curtain in, too — but placement of the shower head is really the main thing you need to worry about. 

So, when installing your new shower head, take a minute to ensure everything is perfectly placed. Make sure to position it away from the door, curtain, or shower entry and instead make sure that it faces the shower walls and floor below. This should prevent leaking and consequently keep your floors nice and dry.