The Clever Sock Hack That'll Keep You Warm During Chilly Winters

Winters seem magical until you wake up cold, and no amount of warm clothing beats the chill. Sure, you can opt for a heated mattress pad (or blanket) when sleeping and turn on the heater to prevent the chill from pervading your bones. But these options will swiftly increase your energy consumption and throw your utility bill into disarray, not to mention the upfront costs for a heated blanket or pad. But what if we told you there's a cost-effective and DIY-friendly way to keep yourself warm during chilly winters? All you need to do is fill a sock with rice and pop it in the microwave.

The clever sock hack won't just keep you warm. It'll also double as a heating pad to relax sore muscles. Another reason that makes this hack worthwhile is that rice (the filler in the sock) gets heated quickly and retains heat longer than a regular hot water bottle. Moreover, these DIY heating pads are portable, meaning you can carry them wherever you move around the house without worrying about cord lengths and plugs. That being said, it's important to note that the sock will remain hot for only 20 minutes. You'll have to heat it multiple times if you want to stay warm the entire day.

Make a DIY heating pad

Though you only need a sock (a lost sock will do) and some uncooked rice for the hack, keep a few things in mind while choosing the substrate. It must be 100% cotton (and shouldn't have metallic threads), as the material won't ignite inside the microwave. Besides being cotton, it must be thick and fluffy, or the hot rice might burn your skin. It should also be hole-free, or the filler will fall out, defeating the purpose of the hack and causing a mess. The length of the sock depends on how big you want the heating pad to be. You can also get a roll of baker's twine and a bottle of your favorite essential oil, but these are optional.

Once you have the supplies, fill ⅔ of the sock with uncooked rice. Use an empty toilet paper roll as a funnel. Now, knot, sew, or tie the cuff with twine. If you'd like the heating pad to smell nice, add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil to the rice before filling it inside the sock. In case you forget to do this, you can add a few drops of essential oils to the sock after heating it. Place the sock with a cup of water in the microwave for a minute. The moisture will keep the rice from burning. After the time is up, take out the sock and enjoy. If it isn't at the ideal temperature, heat it for another 30 seconds.