The TikTok Approved Hack You Need To Keep Up And Downstairs Items Organized

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It feels impossible to make your staircase stylish when it's always cluttered with miscellaneous items. Whether your kids never remember to bring their toys back down to the playroom, your spouse never knows which household items go up and which stay downstairs, or you live alone and end up keeping too much stuff on the stairs because of your busy life, you deserve a stress-free hack to prevent the clutter from getting in your way on the stairs. Luckily, TikTok found the perfect type of item to stop bundles of junk from filling up your staircase.

TikToker @skinnyhangover posted a video showing how L-shaped baskets perfectly fit on staircases, allowing you to keep various objects in them, dropping them in the basket as you go up and down the stairs. Then, bring whatever you need from the basket upstairs or downstairs to keep everything organized. Doesn't that sound better and safer than just dropping everything on the stairs and leaving it all there?

Check out these stair baskets for organization

The TikTok-approved L-shaped items are the perfect "mess baskets" to eliminate stressful clutter on your stairs, and you can find excellent options online. For example, the Levier Foldable Stair Step Basket with Leather Handle is available for $19.99 on Amazon. The L-shaped felt basket's structure and grabbable handle make it convenient for keeping your stairs tidy. Plus, the 16-inch by 16-inch by 9.8-inch item has 4 out of 5 stars with around 300 reviews, earning praise for its easiness of carrying around and preventing clutter. A happy reviewer even wrote, "Fits perfectly on the stairs. No more clutter."

Another option is the Jetclutch Stair Basket with Handle L-Shape, selling for $25.99 at Walmart. This L-shaped basket has a two-toned gray and white look and dimensions of 16.1 inches by 10.2 inches by 16.1 inches. Also, it's made of cotton linen, PP board, and cotton string. Or, if you want to splurge on a stylish wicker option, check out the Highland Dunes Storage Stair Wicker Basket, available for $49.99 at Wayfair. The woven 16-inch by 15.25-inch by 9.5-inch L-shaped basket has 4.6 stars with about 100 reviews, and a pleased customer wrote, "Way better than I expected. I will be ordering more!" So, are you ready to make your life easier by investing in an L-shaped basket for your stairs?