Why TikTok Recommends Staying Far Away From IKEA Bed Slats

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A solid bed frame is essential to support a mattress and get a good night's sleep. Bed slats are often placed on the bed frame to provide extra support and hold up a mattress. However, some TikTok users are warning against turning to IKEA for this essential support piece. While many people love the retailer for its low prices and basic pieces that are easy to DIY, the bed slats IKEA provides don't always seem to be worth the trouble. A user who goes by @peachyito on TikTok posted a video of herself securing the slats to her bed with tape. Many commenters seem to agree that the slats from IKEA are difficult to use and aren't inclined to stay in place.

The LURÖY slats come in a twin size for $30 and a queen size for $50, and both are meant to be used with IKEA-made beds only. However, TikToker Peach and those in her comments aren't the only ones frustrated with the product. While IKEA's site for the queen-sized bed slats contains several positive reviews, some common complaints mention many of the same issues TikTok commenters have experienced.

Is the difficult assembly due to a missing part?

Another common complaint about the LURÖY bed slats from TikTok users is the assembly. People have complained that the slats are hard to install on the bed and it's difficult to get the spacing right, which is essential to getting the proper mattress support. The issues with assembly may also be one of the contributing factors to the slats not remaining in place in some instances.

However, the difficulty in assembly and issues with security may be due to missing an essential part. TikTok user @photobrooks posted a video explaining that the MALM bed, which the LURÖY slats attach to, requires a plastic piece to keep the slats in place. "The last slat on the foot and head of the bed need to be on the other side of the plastic nub," Brooks explains in the TikTok video.

A commenter on Peach's video mentions that IKEA doesn't sell these pieces, but they do give them out for free if you go into the store to ask for them. Brooks commented on his video that you could find the part on Amazon by searching for IKEA part 102267, where you can buy a pack of two, four, or eight for $6.95, $8.95, and $10.95, respectively. This missing part seems to solve the issue of the unsecured slats.