Sprinkle This Kitchen Scrap To Deter Frogs And Toads From Your Yard And Garden

Although frogs and toads seem relatively harmless compared to other types of pests, they're more problematic than you may think. Frogs carry diseases such as salmonella around and can also attract snakes to your yard. In many cases, frogs are considered an invasive species and some, like the pickerel frog, are even poisonous. Frogs may also be attracted to your swimming pool, making it less than ideal for swimming. On top of this, the noise from frogs can be substantial and can make it difficult to sleep at night, especially during breeding time. 

If you want to reduce the frog population around your home, you don't have to kill them or resort to extreme measures. A simple solution that can help you safely get rid of frogs is spreading used coffee grounds. All you need to do is sprinkle coffee grounds anywhere frogs are currently hanging out or areas you want them to stay away from. For best results, repeat this method every few days, since the coffee grounds will lose their potency as time goes by.

Used coffee grounds are highly acidic and frogs aren't a big fan of them. Spreading them on your lawn can make the soil acidic and this is slightly painful to a frog's feet. As a result, frogs won't stick around for long and will move on to other areas instead.

Will coffee grounds damage your lawn?

Spreading coffee grounds doesn't just help deter frogs but can also be beneficial for the yard if used correctly. Coffee grounds can work well as a fertilizer for the soil since they're full of nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. They add organic material that can stimulate plant growth. In addition to this, coffee grounds can create a healthier lawn by improving drainage. It can help improve soil structure and allow it to retain water more easily. Coffee grounds also serve as an excellent source of food for earthworms. They'll attract worms to your garden and lawn where they'll further fertilize and aerate the soil.

Keep in mind that adding coffee grounds to the lawn will also lower the pH and make the soil more acidic. In many cases, this can be beneficial since many lawns are too alkaline. Lawns do best at a pH is between 6.2 and 7.0, so before adding coffee grounds, you should get the soil tested. This will help you avoid adding too many nutrients to the soil that aren't needed. Too much nitrogen, for example, will do more harm than good and can burn the grass. When using coffee grounds to deter frogs, be sure to do it in moderation and only if you know that your lawn can stand the extra acidity.