What It Means If You See Mirrors Hanging From A Tree

Seeing mirrors hanging from a tree is always quite majestic and adds a fairy-like, otherworldly element to already enchanting trees. Mirrors can alter our reality or give us new perspectives. Seeing them blowing in the wind and hanging from a tree, each piece reflecting a different reality, can be quite an awe-inspiring experience. However, the meaning behind mirrors hanging from trees can be attributed to old Southern superstitions, similar to why people in the South paint their porch roofs blue. In this case, the Southern lore of placing a mirror on or near your front porch to prevent evil or the devil from entering your home may be to blame for the abundance of mirror garlands hanging from trees in the South.

Aside from the Southern superstitions around mirrors, hanging mirror decorations on trees adds a lovely, unique, and mystical element to your yard or garden. Reflecting aspects of the plants, leaves, or branches surrounding the mirror adds an entrancing depth to your space. Since mirrors are sometimes associated with portals, adding them to your tree or garden most definitely adds a magical allure to your yard. However, while mirrors make a beautiful addition to outdoor spaces, there are some precautions to keep in mind. Mirrors reflect sunlight and can pose a fire hazard when placed incorrectly. Thankfully, there are easy ways to mitigate this risk.

How to add a mirror to your tree or garden

It's undeniable that mirrors add a visual element to any environment. They have the unique ability to add interest and make a space look bigger than it really is. Aside from hanging mirrors from your trees, there are so many creative ways to incorporate mirrors in your garden. However, if you love the garland idea, you can buy one on Etsy for $9 or make your own! You can also make a "window" mirror for your tree or garden that looks like a window into another world. Or, facing your mirror up towards the sky in your garden workspace allows you to dreamily watch the clouds while you work.

Mirrors can make your garden appear bigger, and when placed in a flower bed, they beautifully reflect the flowers and create a striking visual layer that expands the mind and allows the eye to wander. Mirrors in your tree or garden are a stylistic statement that can change the energetics and dynamics of your space and add an enchanting and endearing element. Additionally, consider thrifting your mirror garland or mirror piece for your backyard, as vintage mirrors add a rustic and chic element to any space (indoor or outdoor) and are much more economical! Or, if you already have some mirrors lying around and you're wondering how to decorate with mirrors, your yard, garden, or trees make excellent muses!

Things to keep in mind and precautions

Aside from the obvious dangers of accidentally starting a fire in your yard from hanging mirrors or a mirror placed in the garden, there are some other considerations to keep in mind. Mirrors, similarly to windows, can be highly disorienting and dangerous for birds. Additionally, to avoid starting an accidental fire in your backyard, do not place your mirror where the sun can reflect onto a wooden fence or a dry area of your yard. Cool and shaded areas are the best places to put your mirror in terms of safety. Additionally, placing a mirror in a shady area of your garden or yard brightens up the space, reflecting rays of light in an artistic and charming way.

Whether you opt for a mirror garland to hang from your tree or place one in your garden, it will have the same magical and intriguing effect either way! Symbolically, mirrors can tether us to this world by reminding us of our tangible characteristics and physicality. Yet, at the same time, they also open us up to altered portals of interpretation and different dimensions and perspectives. Hanging mirrors from trees bridge two mystical elements of everyday life into a charming and elegant feature.