No Demo Reno's Jenn Todryk Can't Get Enough Of This Controversial Home Decor

The HGTV universe has had its fair share of controversial design choices. From championing barn doors that don't offer much privacy to starting the shiplap craze, plenty of HGTV stars have embraced questionable design trends. However, when it comes to Jenn Todryk from "No Demo Reno," there is one contentious accent she wholeheartedly embraces, and that is throw pillows. The internet has become somewhat divided over whether throw pillows are a necessary staple or not, with some stylists and creators claiming that they're wasteful. The problem is that these accents are mass-produced for micro-trends, and stores pack whole aisles filled with this particular merchandise. There is so much inventory that it's unlikely all of it will sell, which means it will likely end up in the landfill. And if consumers buy them, they're likely buying them to fulfill a certain fad, meaning they will filter them out after a season or two.

While this is a point of contention for some people, Todryk doesn't fall into that camp. Instead, she champions the staple, citing it as an affordable necessity to spruce up a room. For the HGTV star, she would rather not limit decor options for people on budgets, and taking throw pillows out of the equation would do just that. While one would have to invest a pretty penny to rotate furniture or bigger textiles like rugs and curtains, pillows are easier to swap. Here is a deeper look into why she embraces the staple.

Why Jenn Todryk loves throw pillows

Almost everyone has a throw pillow or two either on their couch or bed, but some corners of the internet have begun to highlight how wasteful the accent can be. Todryk, however, thinks it's a necessary part of interior decorating since it allows people on budgets to participate in updating their homes and dabbling with trends. "I love throw pillows. I think we can't knock things like that because now you're knocking a group of people that maybe don't have the budget right now to do all the tile and the countertops and all the lighting," she shared in an interview with D Magazine. "And so, what can they do? They can buy $15 throw pillows and covers to really vamp up a space. I would never knock something that's attainable to majority. I think it makes a lot of impact for a really small amount."

Investing in small accents can help modernize a dated room or make a tired space feel fresh again. For example, if you have a condo with dated, brown carpeting, you would have to invest thousands to remove the floor cover and replace it with wood. That might not be attainable in your immediate future, and so investing in trendy decor items such as throw pillows and blankets can help distract the eye away from those details.

How to make throw pillows less wasteful

If you find yourself divided over this controversy, you will be happy to know you don't have to choose a side. Instead, you can embrace practices that make throw pillows less wasteful. That way, you can still decorate your space on a budget while still being mindful of our environmental issues. First, you can invest in throw pillow covers rather than new pillows themselves. By only purchasing the covers, you can change the existing cushions you already have. Second, you can invest in a foundation of neutral throw pillows, which you won't have to swap. Instead, these will act as your permanent installation, and you can add in a new cushion or two as the trends change and you want to experiment with something new. That keeps your waste down to a minimum.

Lastly, consider supporting brands that create their throw pillows or covers in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. While these are usually more expensive than big-box store options, they provide greener options. Brands like Jungalow and Passion Lilie focus on making their cushions with responsibly sourced materials, and their covers start at $26. This is a great way to participate in a trend while also minimizing your carbon footprint.