Creative Ways To Repurpose That Old Ironing Board Around Your Home And Garden

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An ironing board is a must-have for your laundry room. However, after years of wrinkle-free clothes, the board's cover can stain or rip, while the legs can start to wobble or bend out of shape. When this happens, it's time to get a new one so you can safely iron your clothes. However, the old laundry essential doesn't have to go to the dump. The tabletop and adjustable legs of an ironing board can make a great base to transform into home decor, furniture pieces, and storage space. We've listed 12 upcycling projects to breathe new life into your old or unused ironing board below.

You can use vintage wooden ironing boards or modern metal ones for these DIYs, although one type may work better for some hacks over the other. These upcycle ideas are also great for different-sized pieces, from mini boards to extra-long ones. Plus, all of these repurpose hacks are beginner-friendly and easy to execute. Just ensure your ironing board is clean before using it for any projects. You can clean it off by removing the cover and wiping the surface down with a damp cloth.

Create a welcoming front entrance

You might have a welcome mat, but what about a welcome sign? You can make just that with your old ironing board, craft supplies, and creativity. For wooden boards, sand the surface, then apply a base paint or stain before layering on your design. For metal boards, you can keep the cloth cover on and stencil the message on top with fabric paint. Then, prop the sign against your home's exterior but preferably under an awning to protect it from the elements.

Maximize space in the laundry room

For this hack, we're keeping the ironing board in the laundry room but turning it into a hanging storage space. First, remove the legs and covers from the tabletop — you won't need them for this project. However, you will need wire baskets, and you could purchase a four-pack from Amazon for $17. Next, paint the ironing board, and when it dries, screw the baskets to the base. Now, you can mount it on the wall to house clothespins, dryer sheets, socks missing their match, and other laundry goods.

Have your own folding table

A different way you can use the ironing board in the laundry room is as a folding table. Mount the board onto the side of your washing machine, behind the door, or on the wall to keep it out of the way when it's not in use. Then, when you're ready, open it out and use the counter to fold clean clothes, sort piles, or pair socks together.

Use it as a potting bench

Your old ironing board can come in handy outside for your gardening, too. A metal board is best for this upcycle, as the advantage is all in the open holes. Just remove the cover so you're left with the grid tabletop. Now, you can use the counter to pot plants, and the extra soil and water will slip right back to the ground through the small holes. You can also use it as a stand to display your planters, if desired.

DIY a stylish hook rack

Another way to add storage space with an unused ironing board is to turn it into a hook rack. Again, for this DIY, you'll need to remove the board's legs and cover. Next, for wooden pieces, sand and paint them, while metal tabletops only need to be cleaned. Once the base is prepped, add your hooks — you could buy a pack of three from IKEA for $2.50. Hang it in your entryway to hold coats and keys, or mount it in the kitchen for aprons and hand towels.

Spice up the entryway with a new console table

The old ironing board can become your new console table. Simply spruce up the wooden vintage piece with a new stain or paint, then style it in your entryway. For metal ironing boards, you'll need to add a wood plank to create the counter. To do this, just cut the plywood to size and lay it on top. You can also swap the board's legs for more stylish support to elevate the DIY table and hide its previous life as a laundry tool.

Create a hanging tool station

The open design in the base of metal ironing boards makes them ideal to turn into a pegboard wall. After removing the legs and cover, spray paint your board, then mount it on the wall. You can place it in your home office as a bulletin board or in the garage to house tools. There are pegboard accessories available for purchase online or at craft stores like hooks, trays, and storage baskets. These can increase the organizational possibilities of this piece. 

Display family photos

Apart from pegging spools of thread and scissors, the upcycled ironing board can also hold family photos. After stripping the board down to its tabletop, sand the surface before spray painting it. Next, glue your printed photographs onto the surface. You can also attach clothespins instead and clip the images on for a less-permanent display that will allow you to swap the pictures at anytime.

Dry your herbs and spices

Drying fresh herbs from your garden is a stellar way to preserve them, and you don't need to buy a fancy rack to get the job done. A metal ironing board makes for the perfect herb drying stand. Just remove the cover, wipe down the grid, and drape your spices on the board. The holes in the surface allow for proper airflow so your greens can become dry seasonings without the risk of mold. If you don't have any plants to preserve, you can also dry small laundry items like socks, hats, and underwear instead by just draping them on the surface in the same way.

Add a few shelves to the wall

We're putting the ironing board's tabletop to use again on the wall, but this time as shelving. You'll need heavy-duty shelf brackets (Lowe's sells one for $8) and a drill for this project. First, install the mounts to the wall, ensuring they are level. Then, secure the ironing board to the brackets. Once everything is drilled into place, you can use the shelf for storage or to display decor.

Improvise a standing desk

Before you buy a standing desk, consider making one out of an old ironing board. The laundry item's adjustable legs make it suitable to use sitting down or standing up. Plus, it has a large work surface for all your files, pens, and sticky notes. On the downside, an ironing board is not designed to hold tons of weight, so you may want to test its durability before setting up your monitor or laptop.

Give your accessories a place to hang

If you need more space for your accessories, upcycling your unused ironing board is the ideal place to start. First, mount the board's tabletop to the wall or back of your closet door. Then, for metal tops, add pegboard hooks for the holders, and on wood surfaces, screw in standard wall hooks. Finally, hang your necklaces, hats, and belts for tangle-free storage. You can also attach small containers for all your tiny pieces like earrings and rings.