This Common Toilet Problem May Be A Sign That It's Time For A New One

The toilet is one of the most important household appliances because we need it to remove bodily waste from our immediate living environment. When something goes wrong with the toilet, be it an overflow issue or simply a faulty flush handle, it can cause major panic. While most toilet problems are fixable with a bit of diligence and intentional habit changes on your part, sometimes recurring issues may mean that your water closet has run its course. One common toilet problem is clogged-up pipes. A plunger can swiftly amend this, but a continuous clogging problem may be a sign that it's time to get rid.

No one wants to flush their toilet after doing their business only to have the bowl overflow due to blockage; it's gross and difficult to clean up. Thus, the first thing you need to do is find out if it's the toilet itself that's clogged or the pipe leading from it to the sewer. You will want to vet every member of the household, including yourself. Has anyone been flushing things they shouldn't, such as baby wipes, sanitary pads, or even paper towels? 

If so, this could be the reason why the toilet keeps clogging. However, it could also mean that the toilet is safe and the pipes are blocked. In this case, you need to get them cleaned out. Many factors could cause your toilet to clog and once you figure out why, you can better assess the situation to determine if buying a new one is the best way forward.

Swap your low-flush toilet for a newer model

Constant toilet clogging — say a couple of times a week — that's not related to pipe issues is often caused by having an old-model low-flushing toilet. This means your toilet uses far less water to flush than a regular one and is pricier to run. As a result, clogging is imminent as the old low-flush water closets don't work very well. If you have a toilet that your parents got in the '90s, you will likely need to have it replaced due to this problem. 

Even modern low-flush toilets can sometimes develop clogging issues, especially when you flush the wrong things. If you have the option of upgrading your old toilet, do so. If you already have an up-to-date low-flush toilet, then just watch what you flush. And, if you're not sure why your toilet clogs are getting worse by the day, call your plumber.

They can use video technology to inspect the blockage and give you the verdict. If it's an obstruction that can be removed, then they'll do the needful. However, if the toilet needs to be replaced, suck it up. You'd rather spend the money on a new toilet that flushes with ease than call the plumber every week to come and unclog the old one.