Why TikTok Recommends Ditching The Bird Feeder In Your Yard & Garden

If you've been struggling with pests in your garden, you're not alone — up to 73% of us experiencing the same issue, per Frontiers. So, how can you fix it? According to @microflowerfarm on TikTok, one simple way to resolve the problem is by replacing your bird feeders with birdhouses and ponds. By doing so, you should see a reduction in pests in your yard and garden, so it's an ideal solution if they overrun the place. It's also fairly cheap to implement, especially if you already have birdhouses, making it perfect if you're looking for a cheap and quick resolution.

Of course, another major benefit of this tactic is that it essentially works as an all-natural way to remove pests, which is much better for the environment as it removes any potentially dangerous chemicals from the equation. This will also help to save you money from purchasing any pest-killing products. However, while listening to fellow gardeners can be useful, there are no scientific studies to back up that this works. Instead, you'll have to try it out and see if you yield any positive results.

Removing feeders diverts birds' attention

So, why exactly does removing feeders from your yard work so well, according to TikTok? The idea behind this tactic is that rather than flitting to the feeders when they're hungry, the birds will find nothing and instead begin to search for pests to satisfy their appetite. However, by still providing them with a habitat such as a birdhouse and a birdbath, they should still flock to the area. You can attach the birdhouse in areas such as tree trunks or on your garage wall. You could even make your own DIY bird box with a camera.

As they pick up pests, such as slugs, one by one, you should begin to notice a reduction in the amount you find in your yard, which will help to solve your issue if you stick it out for long enough. On the other hand, this may only work if you have a lot of pests currently in your garden rather than as a preventative measure. After all, birds will likely lose interest in visiting the area if there's nothing to munch on.

It can help to deter other pests

Alongside helping to remove pests in your garden, eliminating bird feeders may also aid in other areas of pest prevention in your garden. Speaking to Ideal Home, Eric Michels, Director at CJ Wildlife, explains, "Leaving bird feed out for too long not only means food could spoil and allow bacteria to build up, but having a substantial amount of food constantly available also increases the risk of attracting rodents in search of something to scavenge." So not only are you warding off pests by using this tactic, but you're also indirectly helping to eliminate other types of them — what more could you ask for?

One thing to remember with this TikTok suggested method is that it may take some time to see results, as you will first need to attract the birds and have them hanging around the area. Secondly, you may find it less effective if you have a pest invasion on a particularly large scale. In that case, you may consider tackling it yourself or opting for professional advice.