The Perfect Paper Towel And Toilet Paper Storage Hides In Plain Sight

Of course, paper towels and toilet paper are necessary items that most people use daily, and it's good to have extra available when you run out. However, having those rolls of toilet paper and paper towels lying around your bathroom or any other area of your home doesn't look so appealing. If you want a simple storage solution in your bathroom — or anywhere else — for your paper towels and toilet paper, consider using a laundry hamper.

Investing in a chic laundry basket is a clever way to hide your not-so-stylish toilet paper and paper towel supply, as a cute basket will look much more aesthetically pleasing than rolls of paper towels and toilet paper. To make the laundry hamper look even better, dress it up with a plant or books on the lid. After all, everyone uses paper towels and toilet paper, but that doesn't mean your guests have to see all your packages of those unglamorous products.

Hide paper towels and toilet paper in a laundry hamper

Before shopping for the laundry hamper you plan to store your toilet paper and paper towels inside, think about where you want to put that hamper and the size that will work for that plan. For example, do you plan to make the most of the space above your toilet and keep the toilet paper or paper towel-filled laundry basket up there? Look for one small enough to fit, as no one would want it to fall off when trying to use the toilet. On the other hand, if you plan to store paper towels and toilet paper in the same basket and keep it somewhere spacious, try to find a larger option that will fit everything.

Wherever you want to put the clever storage hack in your bathroom — or other room — there are stylish options to explore. For example, if you plan to store paper towel rolls in a larger hamper and toilet paper rolls in a smaller one, consider the best-selling Rounded Weave Rattan Hampers, available for $95 at West Elm. While it will look chic to keep the two baskets next to each other, it can also be helpful for people with smaller bathrooms to keep the smaller hamper with toilet paper in it in the bathroom and the larger one filled with paper towels inside of it in another room.

Other items you can store in a laundry hamper

Not only are laundry hampers ideal for storing your toilet paper and paper towels but if you have more makeup than you know what to do with, consider using a hamper to keep your beauty products in one place. Many makeup enthusiasts can relate to the struggle of having countless makeup bags that they constantly misplace. However, having a laundry hamper to store all your various beauty products will prevent those many makeup bags from becoming bathroom clutter and getting lost. To go with the theme of glamour, look for an extra-chic hamper for storing your makeup bags and products, like the Wicker Laundry Hamper by World Menagerie, featuring a rich red hue and selling for $90 at Wayfair.

On the other hand, a laundry hamper can also help you store and organize the not-so-glam cleaning supplies you need for your bathroom, letting you conceal those necessary yet unattractive products in the same way that you can hide your toilet paper and paper towels. Or, are you looking for a way to discretely store your sexual items? We've all heard the phrase "goodie drawer," but a "goodie" hamper might be a more practical solution if you like using those items in your bathroom instead of only your bedroom and want to transport them while keeping them in one place. So, a laundry hamper will benefit many people for non-laundry-related storage!