Don't Make This Big Mistake When Using Your Vacuum To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Despite being native to Asia, brown marmorated stink bugs have been stinking up homes in the United States since 1996. Although they aren't dangerous and don't cause any damage around your living space, they can be annoying and cause a lot of noise as they flutter about. When squished and killed, these bugs release a pungent and unpleasant scent, making getting rid of them a bit trickier than other pests. Crush them, and you'll immediately regret it! Consider using a vacuum to deal with these pests instead.

Vacuuming insects around the house, such as spiders and fleas, can be a good solution, but it needs to be done right, particularly in the case of stink bugs. You don't want them to get crushed during the vacuuming process. Avoid this mistake at all costs. Not only will this stink up your home, but it will also cause your vacuum to smell too. Always vacuum carefully to ensure the bugs don't cause a persistent odor.

How to use your vacuum to deal with stink bugs

Never use a bagless vacuum to vacuum up stink bags since doing so can cause the entire machine to smell. To vacuum up the insects properly, ensure you aren't crushing them as you do so. This means you should not use anything other than the hose and avoid having any attachments on the hose. The hose won't crush the bugs and will take them directly to your vacuum bag. Always add a fresh bag to your vacuum to get rid of stink bugs in your home. Once you're done vacuuming, remove the bag and tie it up before disposing of it outside the house.

You may also consider using a wet vac to eliminate stink bugs. Simply add soapy water to the bottom of a wet vac and then vacuum them up with the hose. The soapy water will kill the stink bugs. If they're a persistent problem in your house, you could buy a small handheld vacuum that's used only to remove stink bugs and other insects around the home.

Other ways to eliminate and prevent these pesky critters

To prevent this pest from causing trouble in your home, the best solution is to keep them out in the first place. Stink bugs tend to come into the house when it's cold outside since they prefer to be where it's warm. It's typical to see them in fall and early winter. They're also attracted to other everyday things that attract different types of pests. To minimize stink bugs in your home, the first step is to seal up entry points where they may get in. Stink bugs will enter your home through cracks and crevices, so ensure doors and windows have proper insulation.

To avoid attracting them to your home, consider making some exterior changes. Stinkbugs are drawn to overgrown trees and shrubs, so be sure they're under control, particularly close to the house. You might also want to reduce your outdoor lighting since it can attract stink bugs to your home. Alternatively, switch to yellow light bulbs since they won't entice stink bugs as easily as white lights.