The Unique Aluminum Foil Home Decor DIY That'll Dress Up Any Boring Wall

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There are many ways you can repurpose aluminum foil. You can even use it to create decor to bring your walls to life. For example, Fashion Pixies posted a YouTube video showing viewers how to transform basic aluminum foil into a gorgeous, feather-themed piece of wall art. First, trace feather-shaped outlines with a black marker on a sheet of aluminum foil glued on top of a white poster board and cut out each feather. Once all your aluminum foil feathers are cut out, fold them for a bit of texture.

The video suggests using a 6-inch, circle-shaped mirror spray-painted black as the backdrop. However, you should also be able to use a spray-painted black piece of cardboard or even a black posterboard cut into a circle if you want something lighter. Glue each "feather" to your backdrop following the round shape — the video uses a glue gun — to create a striking and expensive-looking piece of shiny wall art with an exciting texture. Finally, put a tiny circle-shaped mirror — or, if you used a lighter backdrop, a small circle of aluminum foil — in the center, letting the aluminum foil feathers frame it.

Use the aluminum foil feathers for more of a floating effect

That circular wall art is a beautiful idea that is sure to make any wall stand out. However, that hack isn't the only way to use those aluminum foil feathers to dress up your wall. Instead of having them all together, would you prefer to make it look like each shiny feather is floating on your wall for more of a free-spirited vibe? One innovative way to use wallpaper can be to still trace the feather stencils, cut them out, and attach them to plain wallpaper instead of making a round piece of art.

If you want a whimsical or dramatic evening sky theme, attach the "feathers" to plain dark blue wallpaper, like the Subtle Texture Blue Pearlescent Finish Vinyl on Non-Woven Non-Pasted Wallpaper Roll, available for $163.90 at Home Depot. Or, for an even more intense contrast, put the aluminum foil feathers on black wallpaper, such as the Latitude Run Poster Paper Handmade Sticker Smooth Wallpaper Roll, selling for $1.78 per square foot at Wayfair. Use your most trustworthy glue or double-sided tape to attach the aluminum foil feathers to the wallpaper.

Consider other shapes if you don't want the feather look

Do you love Fashion Pixies's wall art idea or the concept of using aluminum foil shapes on plain wallpaper for a flying effect but don't like feathers? Use another shape instead, following the same steps. For instance, consider replacing the feathers with hearts to make any room appear more romantic. If you want the heart look, trace a symmetrical heart shape in the same way you would trace the feather stencil.

Or, for a super-playful look, create symmetrical butterfly shapes out of your aluminum foil. Either trace a butterfly-shaped outline or check out the Ecohu Butterfly Punch Cutter, available for $8.95 on Amazon. Attach your aluminum foil to craft paper, and use this tool to punch out as many butterfly shapes as you want for your project. On the other hand, if you want a more minimalist spin on Fashion Pixies's round wall art hack, consider just cutting out slim rectangles in your aluminum foil instead of trying to create bold shapes.