Brilliant Ways To Upcycle Used Lightbulbs Around Your Home And Garden

Are you looking for creative ways to repurpose old or unwanted items? Upcycling is an excellent alternative to just throwing used objects in the trash. "Upcycling is taking a product and creating a new use for it, which can be of higher quality or value than the original... it's fun to take an object and bring new life to it... Almost everything can be upcycled," Stephanie Moram, CEO of Good Girl Gone Green and host of the Green Junkie podcast, told Reader's Digest.

So, why not upcycle old lightbulbs? While they might not sound like the most exciting items to repurpose at first, you can find many new uses if you're willing to get creative. Believe it or not, transforming used lightbulbs can lead to exciting new decor for your home's interior and exterior. Whether you do it to unleash your artsy side or help the environment, old lightbulbs are fun canvases to explore. Just remember to be safe when handling the bulbs, and don't work with old fluorescent lightbulbs containing mercury, which is toxic.

Paint them for an artistic upcycle

Are you an artist who enjoys painting? Instead of buying a new canvas, consider using an old lightbulb. The lightbulb gives you an excellent chance to be creative and try new techniques with your painting, providing you with a round, 3D canvas to work with for your next project.

Create a thoughtful gesture

Do you ever get tired of always giving someone you love flowers or chocolates to let them know you care about them? Do something different and make your old lightbulb look romantic with hearts and sweet sayings. Such a creative gesture will show that you put effort into the little present instead of opting for yet another cliché.

Put the lightbulbs on strings

Anyone looking for a cheap, yet cute and quirky, decoration to hang across their wall or ceiling should consider stringing old lightbulbs and hanging them up. While they won't light up the room, they'll add a playful touch, serving as a fun conversation starter. To make them look more stylish, use string in your favorite color or paint the bulbs before hanging them.

Put other small objects in the bulb

Many people pick up intriguing rocks, unique coins, and beautiful seashells, only to have no idea where to put their findings once they bring the objects home. If you struggle to find the best display options for your collections, consider storing them in used lightbulbs. By doing so, you'll be upcycling and showing off your findings, making it a win-win situation.

Create an ornament

Consider using your used lightbulbs instead of buying new ornaments for the holidays. Leave them unembellished for a modern and industrial spin on festive decor, or decorate them to make them as festive as possible. Either way, old lightbulbs are perfect to use as ornaments, thanks to their compact sizes and ornament-like shapes.

Use it as a vase

Would you be interested in a more industrial, unfancy spin on classic vases? Transform your used, empty lightbulbs into petite vases by putting your favorite flowers in them instead of spending money on a new vase. Put a single flower in the lightbulb vase for an understated look, or squeeze as many as you can fit inside it for something bolder.

Attach it to a plant

Do you prefer green houseplants — real or fake — over flowers? Give your indoor space a fresh look by attaching used lightbulbs to houseplants. Dress your favorite plants up by attaching the leaves, stems, or vines to the old bulb, or even just stick the bulb next to the plant in the soil to give the green decoration some modern contrast.

Display it as part of your garden

On the other hand, why not incorporate the used lightbulb into your garden if you have a green thumb? Be as environmentally friendly as possible, and keep your garden healthy by storing water for your plants and flowers in the old lightbulb instead of just throwing it out.

Make structural art pieces

People who may not enjoy painting or drawing but like more sculptural 3D art can still have creative fun with used lightbulbs. Once you have more than one old bulb to upcycle, find ways to make a piece of statement art by building a sculpture and adding the used lightbulbs to your creation, whether you want to create something minimalistic or elaborate.

Have a used lightbulb arts and crafts party

Whoever says upcycling can't be social is wrong, as hosting an arts and crafts party and supplying used lightbulbs as canvases or materials is an excellent way to bring people together through helping the environment and being artsy. Whether you want to have just a couple of friends over for the activity or invite everyone you know, you shouldn't be afraid to bond over creative upcycling.