Genius Ways To Repurpose Gutters In And Around Your Home

Gutters are a necessary part of your home's water management. However, if that's the only way you're using them, you're missing out. The waterproof lining, hollow interior, and slender, lightweight design make rain gutters stellar to repurpose around your home and garden. You can use it for decor, DIY storage, upgrading furniture, and growing plants. We have 11 different ways you can put any old or extra gutters to use. 

Some of our hacks utilize a downspout (enclosed O-shape), which is the outpipe of the gutter system that releases water away from your home. However, the majority of these upcycles deal with the gutter rail (open U-shape). Even if you don't have any spares lying around from your last gutter replacement, these upcycles are so ingenious you might want to grab a few just to recreate them. Inexpensive ones like this $7 vinyl gutter from Home Depot will work. So grab your gutters and see how you can transform your home.

DIY rain gutter planters

Making your own planters is a great way to save money and house your precious greenery. That's where gutter rails come in. Simply drill drainage holes in the bottom, add in your soil, and plant your seedlings. Make sure your gutter has endcaps so the soil doesn't spill out. Leave the slender garden bed sitting on the grass or attach it to a fence to take advantage of unused space. You can even secure multiple planters to a wall for a rain gutter garden.

Start a hydroponic garden

For this project, you are using the downspout of the gutter system to create a hydroponic garden – a fancy term for gardening without soil. First, you need to drill 2-inch holes along the pipe. Then, use an endcap, heat gun, or hammer to close both ends of the downspout. Next, pour your nutrient-rich solution into the tray and pop in your seedlings. Finally, store your water garden on table tops or racks to maximize space.

Use it as garden edging

Garden edging creates clean lines around your plant beds, holds soil in place, and keeps weeds contained. Your rain gutters can do all of this, too. Instead of splurging on pavers, install the drain pipes to border your garden. You can spray paint the gutters first to add more style to your yard or leave them as is. Then, dig a trench and place the U-shaped gutter face down so no leaves or debris collect in the opening.

Upgrade your picnic table

A gutter pipe can turn your ordinary outdoor table into the ultimate picnic table with a cooler. All you have to do is remove the middle wooden plank and insert the rain gutter. Drill the rail with a few holes for drainage, then add your ice and drinks. The melted water will drain, and your beverages will stay chilled all while in arm's reach. Plus, when it's not in use, you can return the wood plank to cover the built-in cooler.

Create a chic centerpiece

Another way rain gutters can take your table to the next level is as a centerpiece. The long railing is great for grand tables, but you can also cut it for smaller dining areas. Fill the pipe with faux vines, feathers, flowers, or any of your favorite arrangement pieces. The gutter will be a stable base perfect for building up and adding style to your countertop.

Fashion floating bookshelves

Making floating shelves from gutters is a simple DIY, and no one will be able to tell that your built-in ledge is actually a rain pipe. Just cut the gutter to size and fit both ends with caps. Then, use a wall anchor and screw to secure the rail to the wall. Next, fill the slots with books and magazines. Line as many gutter shelves as you wish, cutting them as long or as short as you want to truly customize your space.

Organize your craft supplies

The rain gutters are not only good for housing books, but it is the perfect size for your craft supplies. Neatly store yarn skeins, ribbons spools, glitter, and all your other accessories. You can mount the shelves to the side of a desk to optimize space or install them on the wall so your colorful supplies can double for decor.

Give your shoes a place to rest

Similarly to the bookshelves, you can mount the rain gutters to the wall and create a floating shoe rack. This upcycle is great for unused space behind your closet door or underneath an entryway bench. The stand won't be able to hold large shoes like sneakers or boots, but slim footwear like flip-flops, sandals, and kids' shoes will fit just fine.

Keep cords tangle-free

A tangled bundle of electrical cords is an eyesore that your rain gutter can take care of. All you'll need to do is drill holes in the pipe and thread one wire through each opening. This way, the plugs won't intermingle. Then, you can tuck the cord cover behind your desk or console to keep your tidy trick a secret.

Maximize storage with dividers

The last up on our upcycling tricks is using your gutter to create storage compartments. Cut the long pipe into pieces that fit inside your drawers or baskets to create small organization trays. These slots can be cups for pencils and pens or bowls to separate paper clips from push pins. Use it wherever you need to maximize space, from the garage to the bathroom.