The Space-Saving DIY Cloud Toilet Paper Holder Pinterest Is Loving

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If you've ever been in that awkward spot, calling out for toilet paper while you're, well, on the throne, or if you've been the one rushing to the rescue in such a bathroom emergency, you know how crucial it is to have a stash of toilet paper at hand. But let's face it, most bathrooms aren't precisely spaces with endless storage space, right? That's why loads of people are on the hunt for smart ways to save space, and why everyone on Pinterest is going wild over this super cool cloud toilet paper holder hack.

Why is it such a hit? Well, it's not just super functional, holding a bunch of rolls at once, but it also doesn't make your bathroom look cluttered. Plus, it's pretty adorable and adds a fun little twist to your bathroom décor that's sure to get a smile out of anyone who spots it. It's like hitting two birds with one stone — you get your storage sorted and give your bathroom a cute makeover!

How to DIY a wooden cloud toilet paper holder

One of the ways to DIY a cloud toilet paper holder on Pinterest comes from Nerdymamma, who used several tools and a wood plank to make her holder. Begin your DIY project by sketching your cloud. Each puff should be at least as wide as the diameter of your frequently used toilet roll. For its depth, measure the height of a standing toilet paper roll and aim for about two-thirds of this measurement. Next, transfer your cloud design onto the wood plank. You can use a round object that matches the diameter of your toilet roll or a compass to draw perfect circles. Once you've drawn the inner circles, create an outer outline about an inch away from these circles. This extra space will define the thickness of your cloud holder.

Start the cutting process with a bandsaw. You can also use a hole saw if you want perfectly rounded edges. Then, attach some scrap pieces to both ends and the middle of the cloud. These will act as spacers, creating a gap between the holder and the wall. Sand the holder thoroughly to ensure a smooth surface before painting. Once sanded, paint the cloud your choice of color and mount the holder onto the wall using a two-hole shackle plate. If woodworking isn't your forte or you're looking for a more lightweight option, you might want to check out the cloud toilet paper holder by LPB Carton.

Alternative: DIY using a hanger

Hacktuber has an ingenious idea of creating a toilet paper holder for your space using an old hanger. Start by straightening the hanger as much as possible. If this seems too laborious, consider purchasing wire from a local store to skip the straightening step. Next, bend the wire into a cloud shape, ensuring each loop is large enough to hold at least a third of a toilet roll's circumference. At both wire ends, form small loops (they needn't be fully closed) for the screws. Next, measure your usual toilet paper roll's height. Bend the wire ends at least two-thirds of this height, creating a gap between the wall and the holder, which will be your cloud.

Hold the wire cloud against the wall where you want to install it and mark the spots for drilling. Drill holes at these marked spots and insert wall plugs. Finally, mount your toilet paper holder securely onto the wall with screws.

If you've tried your hands at DIYing but aren't the creative type and have the budget to buy one, you might want to consider purchasing instead. You can opt for a galvanized metal holder (available on Amazon at $35.05) or one made of two wooden rods (available on Amazon at $18.90).