The Simple Wood DIY That Makes Storing Drinks Stylish

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If you regularly host in your home or love to stock up on drinks, then you know how hard it can be to do that with little storage space. You have food items and spices hogging the pantry shelves, but you can't leave your favorite sports drinks and beer cans hanging with no proper roof over their heads. Trying to maximize your storage space while living in a tiny apartment or house is tasking enough, so utilizing your wall area is an ingenious move. It could also be that you're building a man cave or playroom and need your drinks separate from the rest of the household. Regardless of the situation, crafting a unique and stylish drink storage box on a wall is very possible. 

The main thing you have to determine is the measurements for your drink storage box. This DIY is essentially a giant rectangle with a diagonal slash through the middle. The common soda can is approximately 5 inches tall, so the boards should be at least 6 inches wide if you plan to stack cans on their sides. To make a box that is 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide, visit Home Depot for lumber and any supplies you don't have at home. You'll need a 2-by-4 cut into two 4-foot pieces and one 5-foot piece, a 2-by-6 cut into two 3-foot pieces, a screwdriver, screws, and either wood stain or varnish. Don't feel limited by our measurements, though. You can customize your drink storage box to whatever size best meets your needs. 

Build your drink storage box

First, create a box using the 2x4s on the sides and 2x6s on the top and bottom. Add extra screws for support — you don't want your cans to come crashing down later like Humpty Dumpty. For the diagonal piece, cut the ends of the 5-foot 2-by-4 at an angle to fit inside the box and secure it with screws. That's it! The finishing touches can either be a hardcore charred look like in the video, or you can stain or varnish it. For the charred vibe, you'll need a kitchen torch from Amazon if you don't have one. 

Finally, hang the drink storage box on the wall. How you hang it will depend on how you want the box to look. You can either attach it to visible brackets or make it a floating storage shelf. Pick up floating shelf brackets or L-brackets from Home Depot. Both types are heavy-duty and necessary to support all those drinks. 

To display a wider variety of drinks, ditch the diagonal 2-by-4 and build cubbies instead. To make six partitions, get two 2-by-6s that will form rows and one 2-by-4 that will divide them. Cut out one groove halfway on both 2-by-6s and two matching grooves on the 2-by-4, dividing it into thirds. Join the pieces by pounding them together with a mallet where the grooves meet. Then, screw it into the drinks storage box. Now, you can rack up all the drinks you need for any occasion.