How To Incorporate More Earth Sign Energy Into Your Interior Design

Astrology can be a great source of inspiration when brainstorming interior design updates and improvements. While using your specific zodiac sign for ideas is fun, have you ever thought of using your sign's element? Your element in astrology is less specific than your individual zodiac sign, as there are three signs per element, making the element broader and a bit more general to work with. Therefore, your astrological element is typically a more convenient starting point for home improvements and decor.

The earth element includes the signs Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus, and there are many fun ways to represent your earth sign placement through interior design. Try incorporating more earth tones, such as forest green paint, in your home's color palette, which will make your home look super cozy! "Earth tones are a go-to when I'm looking to create a calm, comforting, and warm atmosphere ... They all contain some brown pigment, which explains their muted appearance and cocooning effect on a space," says Toussaint Derby, lead designer for Havenly. But the color scheme isn't the only aspect to consider if you're an earth sign.

Keep your home tidy and uncluttered

Organization and the earth sign astrological element go hand-in-hand. "Earth signs usually seek material comforts ... They are practical, driven, and tenacious ... This is the element of materialism, designed to execute plans and create order from chaos," astrology author Carolyne Faulkner told Well + Good. Since earth signs are typically pragmatic and determined, it can benefit them to keep their homes clean and organized, as no earth sign should have to deal with clutter getting in the way of them working hard to achieve their goals.

A few tips for getting rid of clutter include keeping a box handy to put junk in, instead of letting those unnecessary items float around your home, as well as donating the content in the box once it's filled up, and getting rid of clothes that don't fit anymore, rather than letting them take up space in your closet. You may also want to tap into your earth sign energy by writing to-do lists for cleaning and organizing, to ensure you don't miss anything when making your home look as neat as possible. If you have a busy lifestyle, consider designating specific time slots each week for tidying your space.

Choose classy home investments over constantly changing trends

If any astrological element should avoid chasing every fleeting trend in interior design over what they genuinely enjoy, it's the earth sign. Since earth signs are so practical and grounded, it would go against their typical instincts to try to stay on top of every decor trend just because it's hot at the moment. So, if you're an earth sign, avoid pretending to be something you're not, and instead, focus on creating a timeless space you love with high-quality investment pieces. You may want to embrace slow decorating, too.

"Slow decorating is the process of taking your time to curate the perfect space for yourself ... When you purchase with intention, you have a stronger connection to the items in your home ... After you have the anchor pieces, take your time layering in smaller items," Amy Baratta, an interior designer, told Better Homes & Gardens. So, never rush the decoration process and instead embrace your pragmatic earth sign mindset by putting careful thought into creating an elegant, well-styled home that will hold up in the long term.