Use TikTok's Wood DIY To Fill The Top Of Your Kitchen Cabinets With More Storage

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For many homeowners, the gap above kitchen cabinets can be an unsightly and impractical space that often accumulates dust. To address this issue, some individuals choose to fill the gap above the cabinets with various items. However, others opt for more visually appealing solutions, such as small containers or decorative baskets. These not only conceal the contents but also ensure that the space remains functional and adds style to the kitchen. If these aren't an option for you, why not consider extending your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling? This is what TikTok user @buildbasic did with hers.

Choosing to extend your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling eliminates the unsightly gap, making the space more aesthetically pleasing. It also significantly increases the available storage space, allowing for more efficient use of the kitchen area and maximizing its utility and appeal. And the best part? No more dust accumulating at the top!

How to extend your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling with DIY cabinets

To do this DIY project based on the famous TikTok hack, you must first measure the gap between the top of your existing kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. This measurement will guide you in constructing plywood boxes that will sit atop your current cabinets. If your cabinets already have molding, carefully remove it before measuring. You can reattach it later once you've fitted your DIY boxes. When designing these plywood boxes, it's crucial to factor in the crown molding that will be added. It will be attached to the top, so you need to leave adequate space for it. This means the plywood box shouldn't extend all the way to the ceiling but should stop short, allowing room for the crown molding to be installed.

Place all the DIY boxes on top of the shelf and add the cabinet molding. For the doors, DIYing can be difficult, so the TikTok user recommends ordering new doors from Fast Cabinet Doors. She was able to find ones that match her current cabinets' style from this shop for only $25 each. On the downside, the doors she bought didn't come with glass, so they had to install it. Once these are all attached, paint the DIY cabinets and existing ones the same color. You can also use peel-and-stick molding ($7 on Amazon) to achieve a grid look to the glass, adding some personality to it!