This Hack Straight From Your Closet Is Perfect For Trellis Gardeners

TikTok is full of closet hacks that will turn you into an organizational wizard and gardening hacks that will give you an instant green thumb, but now the social media platform has produced the crossover we didn't know we needed. As it turns out, one of the most basic wardrobe staples ever to grace your legs can also serve as an easy way to support your climbing plants. What could this miracle item be? None other than humble pantyhose.

Just in time for pantyhose to creep back onto the fashion scene, you now have an extra reason to keep a few pairs on hand. Next time you notice a run in one of your pairs of hose, simply chuck it into your gardening pile. For a genius pantyhose trick in your garden, all you'll need to turn each pair into a set of supports to help a climbing plant up a trellis is a pair of scissors. While fabric scissors are ideal for the task, any pair will do — as long as they're sharp. 

How to use pantyhose as plant supports

Once you've located your scissors and the pair of pantyhose you've chosen to sacrifice to the gardening gods, the process is simple. Just cut the pantyhose into small, single-ply strips about 3 to 5 inches in length. When you have all your strips cut, head out to your trellis to secure your climbing plants. Use your pantyhose strips to gently tie the plants to the trellis by the stems without the risk of damage. The soft, flexible material of pantyhose is ideal for tying climbing plants because rigid ties made from metal or hard plastic can cut into plants' stems as they grow, resulting in unsightly deformities and potential breakage. 

Don't wear pantyhose? Take a look around your closet for other items that are made from ultra-stretchy materials. Old dress socks, leggings, T-shirts, and even fabric headbands can serve the same purpose. Just cut them into strips and use them to tie your plants to a stake or trellis the same way you would if you were using pantyhose. The goal is to give your plants a soft, flexible support system that won't cut into their stems, and any garment that fits the bill will work just fine.