The Laundry Mistake That's Damaging The Zippers On Your Clothing

Let's face it — doing the laundry isn't exactly anyone's favorite pastime. Yet, it's one of those essential tasks we all must tackle to keep our wardrobes fresh and clean. To ensure we get the best results from our laundry endeavors, it's crucial to master the fundamentals to avoid making common laundry mistakes. Among these basic practices lies a simple yet often overlooked step — zipping up soiled clothes. FixnZip, a leading expert in zipper repair parts, even goes so far as to suggest securing the zipper with a safety pin to ensure it doesn't slide open during the laundry cycle. Yes, it might seem like a small detail, but it can make a significant difference in the outcome of your laundry day.

Picture this: You're tossing your clothes into the washing machine, perhaps in a rush to get it done. Amid this chaos, it's easy to forget or simply omit zipping up your garments. But here's why it matters: Unzipped zippers can wreak havoc during the wash cycle. When zippers are left undone, they can snag on other clothing items, causing tears, rips, or even damaging the washing machine itself. Not only does this result in ruined clothing, but it can also be a costly repair job for your washer. So, before you hit that start button on your washing machine, take a moment to ensure all zippers are securely fastened. Your clothes — and your washer — will thank you for it.

Mastering laundry fastenings for optimum results

Now that we've covered the importance of zipping up zippers — let's delve into other fastenings commonly found on clothing and how to handle them like a pro. Hooks, buttons, and clasps – oh my! These small yet mighty fastenings play a crucial role in keeping our clothes secure and looking their best. But when it comes to laundry day, they require a bit of special attention.

When prepping garments with hooks or clasps, fasten them securely before tossing them into the wash. Loose hooks can snag on delicate fabrics or become tangled with other items, leading to unnecessary damage. If you're laundering a mixture of garments, including bras, it's best to not only ensure their closures are hooked — It's highly recommended to put bras in a lingerie bag so they don't end up getting tangled with other garments. For clothes with buttons, unbutton them first before putting them in the machine. Why? By unbuttoning shirts, blouses, or any other garments with buttons, you allow the water and detergent to penetrate every crevice, ensuring a deep, effective clean. This step also helps prevent buttons from becoming damaged or loosened during the wash cycle.

So, before you load up the washing machine, give your soiled clothes a once over. Close all zippers, hooks, and other fastenings, and unbutton those shirts and dresses. Soon, your clothes will come out of the wash fresh, clean, and ready to wear.