The Weed Eater Pinterest Swears By For A Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

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Ever felt like a lush, emerald lawn was completely out of your grasp? If you're reading this, that's over now. No more looking down the way and admiring your neighbor's perfect garden and entryways. You, too, can have the lawn of your dreams, and get rid of weeds in your garden, thanks to this Pinterest-approved weed eater.

After comparing five of the best weed eaters listed across different brands and at different price points, Pinterest-user,, created a pro and con list based on particular wants and needs for anyone wanting to spiffy up their yard.

Our team decided the Black+Decker LST300 Weed Whacker was the perfect fit for buyers just like you. Why? Beyond it being voted the most lightweight model out of the bunch, it easily covers up to 4,000 square footage of lawn with an automatic spool feeding system. With longevity in mind, this cordless choice ensures non-stop trimming with less wear and tear.

Other options teetered on questionable battery life or additional purchases needing to be made out of the initial weed eater, ultimately receiving the stamp of disapproval from us. With price in mind, our option does start at $77 on Amazon. So, below are a couple of options that are a bit more budget-friendly but can get the job done, as well.

Other weed eaters to give your lawn some TLC

First things first, getting those razor sharp garden edges starts with non-negotiables. Think about your desired weed eater weight, trimmer cut path, operating time, and your maximum yard size. Ask yourself these questions. Would you prefer a heavier product that may have a longer battery life? Will you be using it often? Also keep in mind that gas-powered weed eaters are more powerful than electric.

Different shapes do make a huge difference, as well. A curved shaft is typically for comfort, but that's not always the case. Because these are usually gas-powered, professionals often go for this option because they use them for long periods of time. Straight shafts often have more power and precision. With the ability to accept additional attachments, this option is usually best for getting into those hard-to-reach crevices and corners. Here's some price-friendly alternatives similar to our top pick.

If you're wanting ease, we recommend the Ryobi ONE+ 18V 13 in. Cordless Battery String Trimmer. Though the battery and charger are not included, it's equipped with a variable speed trigger to ensure the portable device is easy to maneuver around your entire yard.

For anyone craving some major lawn renovation, the Bauer 5.5 Amp 15 in. Electric String Trimmer is perfect for you. With up to five positions for trimming and edging, this one also has an adjustable cutting head for curved sidewalks and slopes. the 15-inch cutting width puts comfort and speed at the forefront.