HGTV's Rock The Block Gets Behind A Kitchen Trend Taking Over 2024

One of 2024's most prominent kitchen trends is all about islands. But, instead of a different style or variation of a kitchen island, it's about how two kitchen islands will transform your home instead of just one. Yes, opting for two islands in one kitchen is a 2024 interior design trend — and HGTV's "Rock the Block" is for it.

In the "Rock the Block" episode, "Kitchen Renovation Rumble," there were two long islands in the transformed kitchen, and people were remarkably impressed with the layout, thanks to the extra island. Early in the episode, when looking at the kitchen she had to work with, HGTV star Sarah Baeumler said, "I think the double island is gonna be key," per YouTube, and she was right, as the extra island looked excellent.

So, if you're inspired by "Rock the Block" and want to revamp your kitchen's layout, consider adding a trendy second island. But don't do it on impulse — think the decision through first.

What to consider if you're interested in the trend

Do you like the idea of having two islands in your kitchen? Before you get too excited about the idea, think about the price. It typically costs around $4,000 to get an island installed in your kitchen, so only add the extra feature if you have those thousands of dollars to spend. And if you don't already have one island in your kitchen, you'll likely have to pay about $8,000 for two. So, before spending almost $10,000 on the two-islands trend, you might want to start with one instead of committing to such a drastic — and expensive — change.

A trendy extra island will provide many benefits, such as letting one kitchen island be a functioning dining table while you still use the other as a traditional island. And if you share a kitchen with someone else, you can each have a designated island! However, there are a few downsides to remember. For example, having two bulky islands in a petite kitchen can take up necessary walking and cooking space and potentially disrupt the room's flow. So, before investing in two islands, ask yourself if you're 100% sure you'll still love it once it's not such a significant trend.