The Secret Weapon You Need For An Immaculately Clean Shower

Ever heard of Borax? This natural cleaner develops from repeated evaporation that takes place in natural lakes, typically all throughout California. The makeup of sodium, oxygen, and boron has been used for more than 100 years as a disinfectant, water softener, in pottery glaze, and as a soap supplement. With no surprise to all, it's an amazing bathroom cleaner, too.

If you have hard water, some things just seem set in stone. Nearly impossible-to-remove mineral deposits, rust stains, grime trapped between tiles, etc. After testing our own personal list of natural ingredients that will leave your bathroom dazzling clean, our team discovered that Borax was just as effective as baking soda and vinegar. Simply dissolve the Borax in a cup of water filled with about 12 ounces of warm water, and mix until fully dissolved. Then, simply wipe with a washcloth.

Because this concoction is made from sodium borate decahydrate, otherwise known as a naturally occurring mineral, it acts abrasively against even the most aggressive scum. Its pH level also plays a role. When mixed with hot water, the concentrate alters its molecules into hydrogen peroxide, also making it a great aid for bleaching and deep cleaning. Sitting at about 9.5pH level, it's slightly alkaline which makes it great for acids, fats, and all oily substances, AKA the cleaner for getting rid of any bathroom blemish, if used correctly.

Staying safe while using this hack

With Borax being such a multifaceted cleaner, it can be exciting to start using it for everything. Beyond your bathroom, it's great as a laundry detergent and pre-soak, shoe deodorizer, and multi-use kitchen cleaner. But it's important to remember that you're working with a strong chemical that can have intense effects if used improperly.

Ensure there is ventilation before you spray on any surface. The chemical can easily get in your eyes and mouth, causing irritation to your lungs, throat, and nose. Be sure to keep it away from little ones and pets, as well. Ingesting can easily cause vomiting, diarrhea, and worse symptoms. As it's made from the same chemical as boric acid, a chemical used often in pesticides, the effects can greatly impact your stomach and nervous system.

Being safe with Borax looks different for everyone, but we recommend taking time in between uses if you notice skin irritation or displeasure in your throat or nose while using. Though an effective treatment for cleaning, it's not the only way. Resort to other natural ingredients like citric acid to revive grimy tile floors and essential oils to add a pleasant smell to your home.