The Tension Rod Hack That Creates Extra Storage Beside Your Toilet

Whether you live in a 500 square-foot apartment or a McMansion, you know that storage space is a prized — and somehow always deficient — asset. You may be looking for bathroom ideas that make your space seem bigger, as bathroom storage, in particular, can be difficult to come by. This can lead to cluttered and jam-packed cabinets, where spray bottles, extra rolls of toilet paper, and personal hygiene products all reside in a disheveled heap. Unassuming and humble though they may be, tension rods could help you to maximize space in the bathroom, turning otherwise wasted room between your toilet and wall into easy-to-access storage.

To convert the several inches between your toilet and wall or cabinet into usable storage space, you will need one or two tension rods. If you intend to hang spray bottles on the tension rod, you will only need one; however, if you are trying to create a shelf that can support a bin or a stack of items, you will want to position two rods with a couple inches of space in between. Contract the rods down until there is about an inch of space on either side when placed between the toilet and the opposite surface. Now, twist — or pull, depending on the model's design — the tension rod to expand it until it is firmly positioned. Slightly pull down or push on the tension rod to check its strength prior to loading it with products.

Considerations when using this hack

Although not necessary, employing a level to double check if the rod is perfectly balanced will provide the best results. While this tension rod trick can help you curate a clean and clutter-free bathroom, there are a couple important considerations and precautions to keep in mind. First, depending on the shape of your toilet, tension rods may or may not be capable of being securely suspended between this space. If the tank of your toilet (the portion of the tank that your tension rod will be positioned on) is too rounded or angled, the rod won't be able to fit securely and will slip off. Second, tension rods are designed to have specific weight limits – some are capable of holding only 10 pounds and others can sustain 30 or more. So be sure to never overload your tension rods or you'll risk creating more of a mess than you had originally. 

If you are using multiple tension rods to create a stable shelf for housing a basket or bin, remember to position the rods precisely. If there is a surplus of space behind the rod, your basket may easily fall off. Finally, while this hack is perfect for storing spray bottles, individuals with children at home should always keep dangerous substances, such as bleach and other cleaners, locked away in a cabinet.