Genius Ways To Repurpose Old Milk Jugs To Use Around Your Home

If you frequently toss empty milk jugs in the recycling bin, you should know you're throwing away a gold mine of possibilities. The milk-less carton served its first purpose, and now it's ready for a new one. We've already spilled how you can repurpose your empty milk jugs for your garden, and now we have 15 more hacks to reuse the plastic containers around your house. With its resealable cap, pliable body, food-grade plastic, and waterproof material, there are many ways to recycle old jugs as storage compartments and homemade tools.

The majority of these hacks utilize gallon and quart-size plastic milk jugs. Pint-size containers can also work if you don't mind a mini version. You can complete these upcycling hacks with other plastic containers, too. Empty laundry detergent or juice containers make great substitutes. Just don't forget to clean the container before reusing it. A swish with dish soap and water before letting it air dry should do the trick.

Use it as an ice pack

You can use the old jug as a large ice pack for coolers. Simply fill the carton with water and place the container in the freezer. Once the liquid has turned to solid ice, you now have a cold pack you can store in cooler bags. You can also flatten the milk jug before filling it with water and freezing it to make the ice pack more compact.

Make a watering can

Empty milk jugs can become a watering can for your house plants. First, poke a few holes in the jug's cap, then make a hole in the upper handle. This second hole allows air to flow through so the water can pour out the open holes in the cover. Next, fill the jug with water and secure the cap. Now, whenever your foliage is thirsty, you have the milk jug handy to water them.

Craft a decorative planter

Not only can you water your plants with an old milk jug, but you can also grow your seedlings in them. Use the bottom half of your milk carton and add holes in the bottom for drainage. Then, you can add your soil and seeds. These DIY planters are great for a windowsill garden or to start your seedlings before transplanting them outside.

Create a plant drip bowl

You can easily fashion a planter drip tray from a milk jug. Just mark 3 inches from the bottom of the milk container and cut. Place your potted plants into the homemade drip bowl to catch excess water drainage and keep your counters from getting messy. You can also elevate the design and make the tray match your flower pot with a coat of paint.

Turn it into a scoop

To turn your milk jug into a makeshift scoop, all you need to do is cut around the handle. Outline the shovel shape and snip. The sturdy plastic makes a great scoop for pet food, garden soil, powdered laundry detergent, or snow salt. You can even leave the scoop in the bag so it is ready to use every time.

Slide furniture with ease

Moving your furniture just got easier, thanks to the old milk cartoon. Simply cut the jug into large pieces to fit underneath your furniture legs and add the cutout underneath the legs. Then, you can drag the furniture as you please without scratching the floor or breaking your back trying to lift it. You can also cut the pieces to fit the legs so you can leave it on year-round, and no one will know.

DIY a utensil caddy

Another useful item made from a milk carton is a utensil caddy. All you need to do is cut the top off the milk jug just above the handle. Now, you can fill it with spatulas, tongs, and other cooking utensils. You can also snip one end of the handle so you can slide the open side onto the stove rail or simply rest it on a table.

Fashion a pencil holder

Not only can cartons hold your cooking utensils, but your writing utensils, too. Cut the milk jug in half, and now you have a cup that you can use as a pencil holder. You can make three and hot glue them side-by-side for an upgraded multiple-cup organizer. Leave it on top of your work desk for pencils and scissors or in the garage for wrenches and pliers.

Create a toothbrush cup

The makeshift storage cup also comes in handy in the bathroom. Cut the milk jug in half and use the bottom piece to house your toothbrush. Quart-sized containers are best for this upcycle as they are slim. You can also place it next to the toilet bowl to hold the cleaning brush and plunger or underneath the sink to house sponges and rags.

Turn it into a storage box

Instead of just a storage cup, you can turn the milk carton into a closable box. First, cut a straight line around the container just below the handle. You won't need the top for this project, but you can use it for another of our hacks. Then, create four slits half the length of the container in each corner. Next, fold the sides like a cardboard box and punch a hole in the top two panels of the container. You can thread twine or ribbon through these holes to tie the box close.

Use it as a paint tray

The milk jug comes in handy for your paint jobs. It acts as a paint tray and a rest for your paintbrush. Larger gallon milk jugs work best for this project, but you can use quart-size jugs, too, if it's a small paint job. To DIY the tray, cut a window in the top half of the jug, leaving the handle and cap intact. Now, through the open window, you can dip your brush in paint and scrape any excess color off the edge.

Make an impromptu funnel

If you're in a pinch, the handle of your milk jug can easily become a funnel. Just cut the handle off of the jug and pour your liquid through. The thin handle will steady the stream so you can transfer paint, soap, and other goods without any major spills. You can also use the mouth of the milk jug as a funnel. Just cut 3 inches from the top and use the cap side as the smaller end of the channel.

DIY a dustpan

If you have a broom but no dustpan, look no further than the plastic milk jug. Place the jug on its side with the handle facing upward, then slit the base at an angle where the bottom side ends up longer than the top side. Now, you have a dustpan with a handle that you can hang with your broom and other house tools.

Make makeshift sandbags

If you need something to hold down the tarp or gazebo, grab your empty milk jugs. They can become makeshift sandbags or weights to keep the patio furniture from flying away. To turn the jugs into weight, you just need to fill them up. You can use water, sand, or rocks and place the makeshift sandbags on whatever needs to be held down.

Organize your plastic bags

Another way you can repurpose a milk jug is as a plastic bag dispenser. Just snip the bottom of the carton so the end is completely open. Remove the cap, and attach the jug upside down to the inside of your closet. You can feed the plastic bags through the large opening on top, and when you need one simply take it from the spout.