This Unexpected Dollar Tree Find Doubles As The Perfect Shoe Storage Solution

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If your closet looks permanently disheveled due to your messy shoe collection, it might be time to invest in some shoe storage. However, that can be easier said than done. Investing in organizational furniture can be pricey, and even getting storage bins can blow your budget straight out of the water. For example, getting a 15-pack of stackable shoe containers costs $35 on Amazon. If you have a robust collection, that price can double, if not triple. If you want to get your shoe closet neat and tidy but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, you can instead repurpose Dollar Tree book bins to create the same effect. 

These tall yet thin bins can either house one set of shoes or several thinner pairs, such as flip-flops, sandals, or flats. This gives you even more bang for your buck. And since one bin only costs $1.25, you can create your very own 15-pack for only $18.75. If you want to fix your shoe clutter without investing too much money into the project, then this Dollar Tree storage hack can be right up your alley. Here is how to pull it off. 

How to transform book bins into shoe storage

If you want to organize your shoe collection into individual compartments, head to Dollar Tree's office supply aisle and pick up these colorful book bins. Each container is 8.5 inches tall, 10 inches long, and 2.75 inches wide, which means it can easily house anything from kids' shoes to large men's shoes. They also have interlocking sides, so you can arrange them side by side and snap them into place, creating a sturdier layout. This will reduce the likelihood that a container will tip or become misaligned when you take out a shoe. 

To pull off this hack, all you need to do is buy your preferred amount of bins, arrange them on your shelving, and interlock the sides so they snap into place. This hack is best used for shelving organization (as opposed to storing it on the floor) since it will be easier to see inside the bins when they're at eye level. If you plan to get upwards of 24 bins, it can be difficult to find enough in one location. In that case, it might be better to buy them online. You can get a bundle of 24 bins on Dollar Tree for $30 or 48 bins for $60. The only downside is that the amount is fixed, so if you need a little more than 24, you would need to get that first bundle online and then supplement it with bins you find in-store.

How to customize this storage hack

One downside to this hack can be the color selection. At the time of publication, these interlocking bins come in four different colorways: light blue, lavender, hot pink, and teal. If that doesn't match your closet aesthetic, you can try the Dollar Tree book bins that come in either a black or white color instead. They're the same size and also have interlocking sides, so the only thing different about them is they have a more minimalist color palette. If you buy them online, they also require a smaller purchase commitment. For example, the bundle starts at 18 bins for $22.50 and moves to 36 bins for $45. 

If you arrange these bins on your shelf and find that they shift or move every time you take out a pair, you can help securely adhere them to the surface with the help of Museum Gel. This is a clear, temporary adhesive that doesn't stain or ruin the surface or finish it's attached to. It was originally made to keep items on shelves in earthquake-prone areas, but it can be used to hold just about anything in place. You can get a 4-ounce container for $11.50 on Amazon